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Yay It’s a Giveaway: Keeneland Shop Hat Giveaway!

Apr 19, 2012

Eeek! I am ridiculously excited to share today’s giveaway. Not gonna lie, it’s a good one. A seriously good one.

The always adorable Alex from the Keeneland Shop (follow them on twitter – @shopkeeneland) has given me not one but TWO amazing hats to giveaway to two lucky readers – just in time for Derby season.

If you haven’t been to the Keeneland Shop at the track, it’s definitely a place you must stop when walking into the track. This isn’t your normal gift shop – they carry just about everything you’d need to accessorize a great day at the races. including Tiffany & Co sunglasses, Longchamp bags and Vineyard Vines ties. Luckily for all of us that don’t live in Lexington, you can visit their online shop any time of year for the perfect preppy items. p.s. – UK fans – they carry a ton of great Kentucky gear (see my post on their tailgating items here).

On to the hats… I asked Alex to do a little modeling so you could get an idea of what they’d look like on. Pick your favorite and see the rules below on how to enter.

The Fascinator: I love the color of this one – perfect for Oaks. It’s also subtle enough to go with a lot of different options. You can make it your own by adding some additional wispy feathers to match your dress.

The Hat: The bow on this hat just makes me happy. I love the whimsy and simplicity. You can definitely add a little pop of color to this with some wispy feathers or a couple sweet flowers. Personally, I’d just sport it as is with a bold color dress. 




Now onto the important part – how to win!

Now to the part you’re been waiting for, how you win tickets.

  • The Goods: Two lucky ladies (or gentlemen) will win a hat or fascinator from the Keeneland Shop.
  • To Enter:
  • Giveaway Closes: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at Midnight.
  • Winning: One entry per email address is permitted. The winner will be selected using and announced on Thursday April 26 as an update to this post.
  • How to Redeem: I’ll drop you a line with deets on how to get your goodies.
  • Details: There will be Two (2) winners. Open to US Residents Only.

The fine print: I wasn’t paid or perked for doing this post or hosting the giveaway – just love giving you all free stuff! 

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  1. Natalie Trogdlen says:

    I had really hoped I would be going to the Derby this year, but unfortunately it is looking like a no-go. After all I have lived in KY the majority of my life, and have only been able to experience the outfield (no thanks!). Instead, I plan to attend a fabulous Derby Party! It definitely will not be the same as the real thing, but I’m crossing my fingers for next year. I would be thrilled to win one of the Derby Hats from the Keeneland Shop!! I am sure it would be a hit next year.

  2. Holly Pendleton says:

    Im heading to Oaks & Derby with my 31 week baby bump! The perfect accessory would be the hat! Please!

  3. Jana says:

    I like the fascinator. I design hats myself, but am too busy to do my own! Last year, I made my hat about 30 minutes before Oaks because I was so busy. It would be nice to just have someone make mine! I plan to go to Oaks and Derby, but headwear is a must for me being a hat designer, but as I said, I don’t have time. Every time I make one and say “i love this, and i am keeping it” someone buys it.

  4. Nancy says:

    My plans are to watch the races with friends. This year, we are going to put in money and the best hat wins the pot. Derby, after all, is first horses and then fashion, right?

    I adore the hat particularly. It looks like one I once saw Audrey Hepburn wear in a picture. I’ve done the floppy brim hat before, I would love to try this smaller brimmed look.

  5. Kelly says:

    I would LOVE either one- they are both so cute! This years Derby will be one for the books, my mother and her 3 best friends will be coming in from Charlotte, NC for their first ever Derby! I need to show them how it’s done and top my dress off with something fabulous 🙂

  6. Lynsey says:

    I love both! I have plans to go to Oaks on Friday and will be watching the Derby with friends. The pink fascinator would be perfect for Oaks, even though I’m procrastinating on finding a dress.

  7. Madelyn A. says:

    For Oaks, I’ll be working, so I’ll miss the races, but it is a good thing because I’ll be getting ready for the American Lung Association’s Derby Eve Gala that night at the Seelbach. Having lost both of my parents to lung disease and them both being big horse racing fans, it is a bittersweet day because I know they both would have so much fun. So I try to have fun for them 🙂

    My boyfriend and I will be at the Derby. We’re both Kentucky transplants, and we are both in awe of all of the excitement and fun that comes to Louisville each Derby season. As long as we live here, we won’t be missing the Derby.

    I’d love to win either the hat or the fascinator. Do I have to pick one? I will pick the fascinator. The Derby Eve Gala’s theme is A Southern Soiree, and I think it would be perfect for the theme and the season.

  8. Liz perry says:

    I adore fascinators! I made my own for derby last year
    Out of antique lace, buttons & rhinestones. It was a hit at
    Keeneland! Would love to win this one for derby this year!
    I’ll be at keeneland again for the races 🙂
    PS: Alex is my kindergarten bestie and makes quite the model 🙂

  9. Jacqueline says:

    I love the hat!

    I’ll be hitting up the third floor clubhouse on Derby Day and I’m really excited!

  10. I’ll be judging a horse show in TN Derby morning for 4-H, the future of the horse industry. I’ll be home in time to change into my derby dress and head to the local Derby party at the country club. I love that hat! It’s my dream hat! No lie.

  11. nicole sanderson says:

    I love the hat It is perfect for my derby party. While I dream of one day going to the Derby in person I spend the race with a family friend at their Yacht club in Connecticut to watch the race. It was a tradition that started with her husband and after he died I made sure to continue it with her so she would still have that race tradition. Someday I hope to go in person but not while she has her derby Party.

  12. Jodie says:

    I am most likely watching the Derby from Cincinnati with some friends. Last year we made homemade mint julips and started drinking them early 🙂 I would LOVE to wear the hate to my get together this year

  13. Danielle says:

    Oooohhhhh I want the fascinator! I went to the Oaks last year and saw a bunch of these and loved them! I’m still undecided about derby this year…maybe a party??

  14. Angelina Young says:

    I will be watching the Derby at Les bois Park in Boise Idaho. I have had my patio seats reserved for two monthes in anticipation for the big day! Its like Christmas in May for this gal. Next year however is a much different story…..I will be watching it in person and am I much need of a fantastic Derby hat!

  15. Teddi says:

    I am planning on going to both Oaks and Derby! Going to need a hat for Oaks and I’ll be heading to the infield for derby.

    I love both the hat and the fascinator…but I think I’d have to go with the hat!

  16. Lindsey Cross says:

    Im either spending Derby at Keeneland or throwing a Derby party in Dayton with friends… hats included!
    L-O-V-E both the hat and fascinator in the give away… but if I had to pick, Id go with the hat!

    fingers crossed that I win :):)

  17. Mallory says:

    I love this fascinator and have been wanting to try and pull one off for awhile now. Last year was my first trip to Derby and I put on my rain boots and weathered the infield – I was sad when I saw everyone in their fashionable attire and ended up having to leave really early because of someone who shall remain nameless :)- you know who your are. I am pumped to give it another go this year and although I will be watching the Derby from someone’s house, I will be going to Oaks (first timer).

  18. Amanda says:

    I’m from Louisville and have neverrr been to Derby! I’m trying to go this year for the first time, but I just need a friend to bite on. And then I need something to wear. And a hat. Hopefully I’ll be there, but if not, I’ll be celebrating!

  19. Amy K. says:

    I absolutely love the Fascinator! I live in New Hampshire, but my sister lives in Lexington, so I would love for her to be able to wear the hat to a Derby party! It would be so great to win it for her and then I’ll be able to wear it and shop at the Keeneland Gift Shop when I visit in the summer!

  20. K. Michelle says:

    You can usually find me at the track on Derby Day, but this year I’ll be at my friend’s Derby party instead. Of course, we will all be wearing our Derby finery and the fascinator would make an excellent addition to my outfit. 🙂

  21. manda says:

    Oh, this is a wonderful giveaway. I moved to Lexington from Oklahoma this January to be with my husband who is getting a degree at UK. My only other trip to Kentucky was my senior year in high school for a competition in Louisville. We were there during the week leading up to the Derby and I was amazed by the glamour surrounding the event.

    My first trip to a horse race was this past Sunday. I had a wonderful time watching the horses at Keeneland… and my husband won 40 cents 🙂 (at least we didn’t lose anything).

    I have always loved hats( I had a wall of hats I got from family members and places I visited) and it would be sooo neat to have a real derby hat. My husband and I might even have a little derby party of our own.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. manda says:

    I like Lou What Wear!!!!! So excited about this giveaway!

  23. manda says:

    And I like Keeneland Shop on FB too!!

  24. Celeste says:

    No plans as of yet. 🙁 … but – I’d love the hat!

  25. Mary Skinner says:

    I have attended both the Oaks and Derby and I am always fascinated by the beautiful and creative hats women (and men!) wear. I created a hat on my own 2 years ago and have worn it since for the annual Derby party my husband and I host each year. I would love to showcase one of the Keeneland Shop hats available on your blog as my new annual Derby party hostess hat. Can’t wait for the drawing this upcoming week!

  26. Becky H says:

    This will be my first time going to the Derby! I am beyond excited! I love the both the fascinator and hat, but I think the hat is amazing.

  27. Lana says:

    Loving the fascinator! Hoping to score a couple of box seats, otherwise, we’ll be sipping juleps with friends in the garden.

    Also “liked” you on FB.

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  29. Chelsea Denham says:

    I looooove the hat! My family always has a Derby party in Louisville, and so this year that is what I will be attending, dressed in my Derby finest, of course 🙂

  30. I love the fascinator! ((Actually I love them both)) Great giveaway!

  31. Christy G says:

    I usually attend the Oaks, but I’m going to the Derby this year! So excited! I love both, but I’ve never worn a fascinator and I love pink!

  32. Christy says:

    I usually attend Oaks, but will be attending my 1st Derby this year! I love both the hat and fascinator, but pink is one of my favorite colors, so I’ll choose the fascinator!!! Plus, I’ve never worn a fascinator before!!!

  33. […] p.s. – If you haven’t entered the Shop Keeneland giveaway, you still have one more day. … […]

  34. Leah says:

    I will hopefully be attending Oaks this year at Churchill! I have the cutest pink dress picked out for it, so fingers crossed the weather is nice. For Derby, I will be either at a Derby party or Keeneland! The fascinator and hat are both super presh, but I would pick the hat:)

  35. Ashley says:

    I will be attending Derby this year with a large group of people. We are taking a bus that will take us from our house to Churchill. I did not go to Derby last year because of the rain and I went to Oaks instead. It was a lot of fun, but this year is going to be a big weekend. I do not live in Louisville, but my family does. I will be coming into town this coming Tuesday to help my mom get ready for the weekend. My sister is getting engaged after Oaks and she doesn’t know it. We are having an “engagement party” that night at my house. Everything is a surprise, but everyone is so excited. I have known about this weekend since February, when her boyfriend bought her ring. That is why all of our friends are spending Derby with them too. My sister has been looking for a hat for Derby for a while and I think the hat would be super cute with her dress. It would also make her weekend that much special. 🙂

  36. Ashley Williams says:

    I will be attending Derby this year with my Boyfriend, and two other couples. I have been before, but this is his first year. and we have a box which should be a blast. I have of course waited till the last minute to find a hat or Fascinator, so it would be AWESOME if I won the give away!

  37. Erin says:

    Duh – I have to enter!!! We are throwing the 1st annual Hallsdale Horse party at our casa! Come one, come all! Although, I thought of myself as a fascinator girl up until now, I kind of the like the hat a sinch better – although, both are beautiful:) HAPPY DERBY!

  38. Julie says:

    Plans will hopefully include a derby party. Would love the chance to sport a new hat. I love both the fascination and the hat but if forced to choose I’ll go with the hat this time.

  39. Hilary says:

    This year will be my first trip to the Derby! We will be attending both the Oaks and the Derby. I am so excited and am still pinching myself that I will get to be there. I love the fascinator – I have a pink and orange dress that it would be perfect with for Oaks! The idea of adding a couple feathers to match is right up my alley. Thanks for all the tips and fashion advice on this site – very useful!

  40. Kristen B says:

    I will be at Keeneland for the Derby this year…. and if I was to win i’d choose the hat 🙂

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  42. penny davis says:

    We were at keenland for the first time this past August and plan on returning this April. We are having a Derby party to celebrate our fun at the races. I love, love the hat and would wear it with pride.

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  44. […] to check out what I’m blabbering about each day), you’ve met Alex: She hooked us up with a great Derby hat giveaway, helped us get ready for tailgating and shared the scoop when she met Lauren Conrad. Alex and I […]

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