Yay It’s a Giveaway: Two New Pairs from Fantas-Eyes

It’s giveaway time around these parts. Just popping in today to try and brighten up your Thursday with the opportunity for five (yup, you read that right) lucky gals (or guys) to win two pairs of sunglasses from Fantas-eyes.

Their sunglasses are a lot of fun so I figured I’d have a little fun with this giveaway. And what that means is that you have to look at pictures of me making silly (read: ridiculous) faces. Sorry ’bout your luck. Hopefully you’ll have better luck when it comes to winning this giveaway.

See when it comes to sunglasses, as much as I love the swanky, fancy pairs, I ALWAYS end up losing or breaking them (or losing them only to find them again… broken). What I love about are Fantas-Eyes are the big selection of fun yet fashionable pairs at a seriously reasonable price. For the cost of one designer pair, you can snag about 8 of these (with free shipping!) and wear a different pair every day of the week with one to spare. And then if you lose or break a pair you won’t fall into a serious sadness. Extra Bonus… you can save 20% off your order now with the code SHOPNEW

So scroll on through this silliness and enter away to win a couple pairs of your own.

  • The Goods: Five (5) lucky winners will receive two (2) pairs of their choice of Fantas-Eyes sunglasses.
  • To Enter: To make things easier for everyone, I’m using RaffleCopter for this giveaway
  • REQUIRED: Comment below and answer the following question: What’s your go to sunglasses style? Love aviators, more into wayfarers, dig a cat eye? Let me know below.
  • BONUS ENTRIES: Use RaffleCopter to do as many or as few of these as you want. The more you do, the most entries you’ll get!
  • Giveaway Closes: Thursday August 1 at 12 a.m.
  • Winning: One entry per email address is permitted. The winner will be selected using Rafflecopter.com and announced on Friday August 2nd as an update to this post.
  • How to Redeem: I’ll drop you a line with deets on how to get your goodies.
  • Details: There will be five winners. Open to US Residents Only.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

p.s. – I was not paid for this giveaway but Fantas-Eyes did recently send me a couple pairs of sunglasses to try. As always all opinions are my own. You know I wouldn’t lead you astray!

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  1. kira wrote:

    My go-to for sunglasses tends to be big and black. Would love to branch into something a little more unique!

    Posted 7.25.13 Reply
  2. karrie wrote:

    mostly aviators but i have a variety of colors and styles for any mood!

    Posted 7.25.13 Reply
  3. I can always dig a pair of aviators! Classics! BUT! I am totally loving the Vis A Vis in deep purple on the fantas-eyes website! #NEED!

    Posted 7.25.13 Reply
  4. Baili wrote:

    LOVE me some sunnies! so cute!

    Posted 7.25.13 Reply
  5. Andrea Darst wrote:

    Oversized round

    Posted 7.25.13 Reply
  6. Jacqueline wrote:

    Definitely an aviators kinda gal.

    Posted 7.25.13 Reply
  7. Anna wrote:

    I usually lean toward oversized round or a slight cat-eye shape. But I think aviators are so cool! Maybe that will be my next pair!

    Posted 7.25.13 Reply
  8. Teddi wrote:

    I usually stick close to the wayfarer style cause it’s so easy!

    Posted 7.25.13 Reply
  9. Molly wrote:

    I typically go for big brown sunglasses – but I’m in the market for a new pair of aviators!

    Posted 7.25.13 Reply
  10. Claire wrote:

    I usually stick to cat eye or wayfarers- classic with a twist!

    Posted 7.25.13 Reply
  11. Jodie wrote:

    My sunglasses style–BIG AND BOLD 🙂 but occasionally i like to tone it down with the aviator look

    Posted 7.25.13 Reply
  12. I’m a wayfarer girl – mainly because I always tend to break my aviators! *sigh*

    Posted 7.25.13 Reply
  13. Shira wrote:

    I used to always do square but I’ve recently become obsessed with aviators!


    Posted 7.25.13 Reply
  14. MC Chau wrote:

    I love the cat eye look!

    Posted 7.25.13 Reply
  15. Becky wrote:

    I always go with an aviator. They look great on every face shape!


    Posted 7.26.13 Reply
  16. Kelly wrote:

    I love the oversized cat-eye glasses but go to aviators in the summer (no tan lines)

    Posted 7.26.13 Reply
  17. Megan H wrote:

    Wayfarers for sure, especially my bold red ones!

    Posted 7.26.13 Reply
  18. Jessica S. wrote:

    I am all about the aviators right now

    Posted 7.26.13 Reply
  19. Celeste wrote:

    Gold aviators

    Posted 7.26.13 Reply
  20. Samantha Daleo wrote:

    I don’t really have a pair of my own right now but when I need some I wear my husbands ray bans that are too small for him.

    Posted 7.26.13 Reply
  21. Mike Dalton wrote:

    Wayfarer’s all the way. Thanks 🙂

    Posted 7.27.13 Reply
  22. Amanda J. wrote:

    I generally rock large black square/rect. sunglasses, but occasionally I’ll spice it up with something colorful… easy way to accessorize. I have sensitive eyes, so I MUST have sunglasses at all times!

    Posted 7.29.13 Reply
  23. Ann wrote:

    Love the cat eyes look.

    Posted 7.30.13 Reply
  24. manda wrote:

    Black, basic

    Posted 7.31.13 Reply
  25. Donna wrote:

    aviators are my favorite

    Posted 7.31.13 Reply