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You’re Probably Wearing the Wrong Size Bra

Feb 16, 2017

Yup, the headline really says it all here. It’s true. You probably are and that’s okay. I’m here to help.

Well, not really me but the gals at Chantelle who schooled me and my best gal Kelly when it came to how to pick the right size bra.

Undergarments aren’t a big topic of conversation around here (I mean does anyone, anywhere do a ton of talking about undergarments) but I figured this was a public service announcement that must be shared.

Are you wearing the wrong size bra? Tips from Chantelle (7)

Last summer, I met the team from Chantelle at The Blog Societies Conference. I fell in love with the beautiful styles (much fancier than what could be found in my closet) but was blown away by the commitment to quality which includes still producing bras by hand in France. In addition, they make bras for every size – from a 30A to a 42G – which means girls with bigger busts don’t have to sacrifice style.

After begging them to take me to the factory in France, we settled on a bra fitting at our local Dillard’s. Just kidding but still if they wanted to take me to France, I’d be game.

When I asked my friend Kelly to come (to Dillard’s, not France, although I’m sure she’d be down for that trip to France too so…) I told her all about the brand, the gorgeous styles and how they came in a million sizes. She smiled, let me finish and then proceeded to tell me she’s known about Chantelle for years and to get with the program.

Are you wearing the wrong size bra? Tips from Chantelle (11)Are you wearing the wrong size bra? Tips from Chantelle (16)

For our fitting, we met with Cindy, a regional fit specialist with Chantelle. She’s based in Cincinnati but travels around the region helping ladies find the perfect fit. But to put it frankly, Cindy is a bra whisperer. We went back to the fitting room so she could get a full look at the girls (yup, this is no time to be shy), take measurements and determine the best size and styles for our frame.

Here’s where it got real. For years, I’ve been wearing a 34B, with some give or take. Obviously a lot of give during the pregnancy stages. Cindy came back in with a handful of 32D bras. Wait what? A D? No way was I a D cup. But then I put on the bras and they fit perfectly.

Cindy also looked at your bust shape to determine the style of cup that would fit best. Here’s some real boob talk but mine are fuller at the bottom, while Kelly’s were the opposite. So the styles that worked for her wouldn’t be as flattering on me.

Are you wearing the wrong size bra? Tips from Chantelle (5)Are you wearing the wrong size bra? Tips from Chantelle (2)Are you wearing the wrong size bra? Tips from Chantelle (3)

I don’t think Kelly would want me sharing her entire bra breakdown but I know she would back me up on being surprised to hear her correct size. Even Danielle, who photographs all my blog pics, got in on the action. She may have had the biggest “wait what?” moment of us all.

To say the whole experience was eye-opening would be an understatement. It’s also made a huge impact on getting dressed. T-shirts, especially, look and fit better and it improved the way my entire torso looks in clothes. I also feel like I stand up straighter, plus I don’t have to pull up straps falling off my shoulders every two minutes.

Are you wearing the wrong size bra? Tips from Chantelle (1)

Oh and if you’re wondering what we picked out, here’s a run down. This one, is by far, my favorite but also the fanciest so certainly not my daily bra but geez, it’s so pretty!

Chantelle recommends professional fittings for everyone since it makes such a huge difference. If you’re in Louisville, Lexington or Cincinnati – Cindy makes regular stops at Dillard’s stores so next time you’re there, I highly recommend asking when she’ll be stopping in again. Same goes for everyone else, Chantelle is carried in Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks and Neiman’s so you can be sure to have somewhere near by where you can stop in for a fitting.

If you do go, I would absolutely love to hear from you all, especially sharing the difference between what size you think you are as opposed to your real size. I’m guessing you’ll just want to share one of those mind blown gifs.

Images by Danielle Martin – Chapter 25 Photography 
Thanks so much to Chantelle for the fit experience. This was not a paid post but Chantelle did provide product in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions and random ramblings are my own.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Chantelle is for real and Cindy is AMAZING!! She is incredibly knowledgeable while still being very easygoing. She made me feel totally comfortable through the entire process.

  2. I’m absolutely going to check on when Cindy is back in Louisville! I’ve been wanting a proper bra fitting ever since Stacy London raved about them back in the What Not to Wear days (best show ever). Thanks for sharing this!


    • Danielle says:

      You definitely should! Cindy is amazing and the fitting is, no joke, a HUGE eye-opening. You’ll love it!

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