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Yup, I’m Basically Wearing a Blanket

Oct 24, 2017

Albeit a fancy blanket with neck and arm holes. But yup, basically a blanket.

Okay so I know I said before I wasn’t sure about ponchos but I’ve changed my tune. This is going to be my new uniform for fall. Fancy blanket sweaters and sneakers. I’m suggesting we all get on board for this. Especially for the holidays. I mean, think about it, this is the perfect Thanksgiving outfit. Hides the giant food baby and is all kinds of cozy for laying on the couch. Clearly, being lazy is all I have planned now that it’s mildly cold outside. Who’s with me?

Poncho Sweater (old, really similar here)
J.Crew Lookout Highrise Denim
Adidas Gazelle Sneakers c/o WikiBuy
Frye Ilana Saddle Bag c/o

On a somewhat related side note, I finally scooped a pair of Adidas Gazelles (I know, so behind on that sneaker trend but I’m subscribing to the ‘better late than never’ idea). The team at Wikibuy helped me hunt them down in my size and grab them on sale. Their plugin is the best thing that has happened to my online shopping addiction. After you filled up your cart, you use the plugin to check for coupon codes. And it’s not just the super obvious ones that are listed on the front page. It will try a whole handful of obscure ones to help you get the best deal available. I’ve already used it on a few sites like Pottery Barn, Madewell and Ann Taylor. It was almost embarrassing how much joy I got from watching it try all the random coupon codes. Yes, I am a big weirdo.

Anyways, you can also use their site to search for the best price on products that are available at a handful of stores. This is especially clutch for things like sneakers but also electronics and other home goods. Definitely recommend adding it to your browser in advance of holiday shopping so you can get the best deal and avoid signing up for a million new email subscriptions while trying to hunt down the latest coupon code.

Blankets as Clothes FTW

Adidas Gazelles

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  1. Liv says:

    Love the cozy top!


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