Outfit Post: Tan + Neon

A while back, I spent a entire month trying to recreate looks I loved from Pinterest with items in my closet already (here’s an example). #NoNewThings

Well today’s post is getting me back in the swing of things. I really want to make better use of the things I already own and love. And now that things are fitting a little better (not there yet), it’s easier to mix and match. When I saw this post from Julia {Gal Meets Glam} a few weeks back, I knew I could recreate it once the temperatures dropped a little (but make no mistake there was no way I was recreating her bad ass hair and make-up skills). Yesterday was a little cooler (at least in the morning, totally didn’t pay attention when they said it would warm up by mid-day), so I decided to give it a go. Also, I woke up late and didn’t want to think about putting together an outfit. I’m lazy like that.

So sorry for an outfit of old favorites but at least the accessories are new. These navy booties are going to be in heavy rotation this fall. And as much as I need structure when it comes to bags, I always forego the pockets and organization for a carry-all and this oversized one is pretty perfect. The good part is that it comes with a pouch to hold all the little things that can descend into the abyss of a big bag. So clutch (pun intended. sorry for being a nerd).

Yellow Lace Skirt: Forever 21, same skirt different color here; love this fuller yellow version (seen here and here); Sweater: J.Crew; Navy ‘Romy’ Booties: c/o Sole Society; Monogram Necklace: Old, similar here; Oversize ‘Capri’ Tote: c/o Sole Society

Thanks Hayley for the pics!

Time Out

I had all kinds of ideas for what today’s post would be (most likely a love letter to color to combat the gray abyss outside) but then I realized I have a mountain of crap to get to and a plane to catch in an hour (and it ain’t to anywhere fun – I can promise you that).

I was doing my daily trolling for inspiration on Pinterest, when I saw this quote and I realized that it summed up today (and this week, and this month and my life) in a nutshell. You really can do anything but at some point, there are only so many hours in a day leaving it next to impossible to get everything done. As much as I try to cram it all in on a day to day basis, today just wasn’t going to pan out to be one of those days.

And seeing this, I thought it might be worth sharing with all of you (rather than just taking a day away) because I think it’s something we all need every once in a while. With so many commitments, pressures and opportunities (and opportunities for FOMO) – I feel like we all try and cram 36 hours into a 24 hour day. And as much as I wish I could get just one more hour a day (for that extra hour of sleep!), this year my resolution is to focus on getting a couple big ticket items out of the way every day and not stressing hard core about all the little things that I just didn’t get to. And today, one of those big ticket items wasn’t my colorful collage. I promise it will be on the list for tomorrow though.

Oh and if you’re in Louisville (or anywhere really – the weather is all kinds of mizz all kinds of places) and stuck inside because of the ice, I recommend doing a quick binge watch of True Detective (it’s on HBO). Love that show. Or go make these cookies. Seriously, make them. They’re delicious.


Image: Mer Mag

Shopping: Twelve Days of Christmas at Dandelion

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? If so, can you come over and finish (or start) mine for me. Seriously. No seriously, come over and help me finish my holiday shopping.

Hopefully most of you are more prepared than me and only have a few people left on your shopping list. But if you’re woefully behind like me or totally on your game, I’ve got an awesome last-minute holiday shopping tip for you. No matter who you’re shopping for (guys included) Dandelion has what you’re looking for, on sale, during their annual Twelve Days of Christmas event that begins on Friday, December 13th.

If you’re not familiar with Dandelion, it’s an awesome local boutique that is my go-to gift shop (see here, here or just ask my friends – they’ve received wedding, house warming, birthday, Christmas, you name it presents from there). It doesn’t hurt that it is literally two minutes from my house which helps with my last-minute nature.

At Christmas they do an amazing sale featuring one category a day – think jewelry, holiday decor, purses and more. I stopped in earlier this week and got a sneak peek (more on that later) at the full rundown of deals (so exciting) and have already planned on when i’ll be stopping in. But here’s the EVEN BETTER thing, say you spot that Friday’s deal is candles but you know you won’t be able to go into the shop until Sunday – just give them a call. You can go ahead and buy what you want, they’ll wrap it for you and have it ready for you on Sunday (when you can snag a deal on something else). Even better, you just watch the deals for a few days – call them and snag what you want – then you stop in next Wednesday (or whenever) and pick everything up.

Honestly, if you watch the deals on their Facebook page you can probably shop for everyone on your list, pick it up when you have a chance and then play Santa Claus to your friends & family. Good stuff right?

So during my sneak peek I took tons of pictures of each daily deal – so I can guarantee that every thing in the pictures below will be on sale at some point during the Twelve Days of Christmas deals.

12 days of christmas * dandelion Dandelion Boutique is located at 3729 Lexington Road. Call 502.899.3729

Here’s a few more pics of what you can expect…


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