Shopping + Louisville: Dandelion Trifecta Derby Sale

Do you have your Derby dress yet? If so, you are way ahead of me. Cheers to you. Now it’s time to finish off your look.

Even if you don’t have your Derby dress yet or even if you’re not going to the track, there’s a sale this weekend at my favorite spot Dandelion that you won’t want to miss. On Saturday April 18th from 10 am to 6 pm, Dandelion will be hosting their Annual Trifecta Sale. All hats, handbags and jewelry will be on sale. Buy one piece, save 10%. Buy two, save 15%. Buy three or more, save 20%. Good stuff right?

You can snag three hats, three pieces of jewelry, two handbags and a jewelry, etc, etc, etc. Whatever combination of goodies you pick, you’ll save.

Dandelion (located in the Vogue St. Matthews – 3729 Lexington Road) is my go-to for last minute outfit additions and they helped finish off more than a handful of this year’s Kentucky Derby Style looks. Some of my favorites are below. I’m thinking of running in and picking up a pair of the matte black studs this weekend. They come in a really cool mauve/pink color too so maybe that will be my sale combo.

Their jewelry selection this time of year is especially good with TONS of options from simple to colorful and standout (check out the drop earrings below). If you pop in, be sure to tell them you saw it on Lou What Wear!


Dandelion Boutique 
Annual Trifecta Sale
Saturday, April 18th from 10 am to 6 pm 
3729 Lexington Road – in the Vogue Center


Images by Whitney Neal
Floral Styling by Jaclyn Journey
Flowers c/o 

Want more Kentucky Derby dress options? Head over here. 

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Dandelion but since it’s one of my most favorite stores in Louisville, I’ve written about them countless times and definitely always recommend you stopping in. All opinions are my own.

Outfit Post: Stripes + Spots

Does anyone else have a boss (or  brother, sister, husband, father) obsessed with weather? My boss LOVES weather. I don’t think he particularly likes snow but he loves weather. With today’s impending weather event I’ve already received at least five National Weather Service emails from him. Needless to say, I feel VERY informed on the snow coming our way.

Clearly these pictures are from a little while back, honestly I forgot about them, when the weather wasn’t so insane and dirty snow piles weren’t all over the streets. It was on one of those January days where it felt like Spring wasn’t so far away which basically means I didn’t have to wear tights. I was feeling a little ahead of myself and decided to go with some spring-like pattern mixing. I figured since it’s March aka my favorite month of the year, I’d kick it off with a little green to get in the St. Patty’s Day spirit. Here’s hoping by the 17th (my birthday! sorry I couldn’t help but throw that in) we’ll be able to sport something other than snow boots and parkas.

Louisville friends – I do have some good news though on the spring front. Yesterday I drove by The Dairy Kastle and it was OPEN! Yes, the lights were on, a line was forming outside and the sign was changed to push their classic Taco in a Bag. This is surely a sign that spring is coming.

Green Stripe Shirt: Forever 21 (old – more options below); Leopard Skirt: LOFT (also old but I linked to this year’s version, rounded up some options below); Bracelet: Stella & Dot; Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (so old – seen before in one of my first outfit posts here)

Photos by Whitney Neal.

Stripes on Stripes on Stripes:

A Little Leopard:

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