Outfit Post: Bloggers Who Budget * Staying Neutral

Oh hey Monday.

Lately going through my to-do list at work has made me much less anxious than the always-growing tally of things we need to do around our new house. It’s awesome and such a great change for our family but  there’s still SO much to do and there never seems like enough time to get it all done. I was fully committed to tackling about a million things this weekend and I think three got done. Little victories right? And since we’ve got a snow day around here today, I’m tempted to just tackle a bunch of stuff here while knocking out work to-do’s but a day at the office seems like a much less stressful choice. read more


Outfit Post: Bloggers Who Budget – Work Wear for Less

Okay not going to act like I didn’t totally drop the ball yesterday and miss this link up, because I did. I forgot to grab my computer charger before heading to Miami so once my computer died, I was s**t out of luck. It was one of those “Gah Danielle, why are you so stooopid” (name the movie) moments where I just had to do the {palm to forehead} motion and move on. So yeah, yesterday was the Bloggers Who Budget Work Wear for Less link up so that’s what you’re getting now. Mostly I just think you should go check out all the other gals looks because they are all muy bueno. read more


Outfit Post: Bloggers Who Budget – Holiday Layers for Less

If it’s gotta be Monday, it doesn’t hurt when it’s the last “work” Monday of the year. It’s the little things, right?

I spent this weekend trying to get festive but it’s a little tough when it feels like early spring instead of the last few days of fall. There was talk about trying to go downtown to the ice skating rink so the kiddos could see Santa but when you can go out in a short sleeve t-shirt, it seems a little ridiculous. No complaints other than the seriously lack of hot chocolate consumption. Anyone else having trouble feeling festive right now? read more

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