How Do We Feel About Ponchos?

Do you love them? Hate them? Haven’t really thought about it one way or the other (I’m guessing this is the box most of you are checking)?

So I used to have a love/hate relationship with them. Okay, but mostly I don’t like the ones without arm holes. See, I get that people like to wear things for the look (see: Draped Jackets on Shoulders) but I am all about function. And whenever I’d wear a poncho, I’d end up looking all wonky since one side inevitably gets all messed up when you try and use your arms. I think I just flail my arms around too much to commit to keeping them by my sides

But this one is my new jam. First off, it has arm holes, no draping. Second, it’s a lightweight cotton making it perfect for layering. It’s not too hot to wear now with a tee or tank but when temperatures drop, I’ll be able to pair it with a long sleeve tee or thin knit sweater. Or more accurately, I’ll be able to wear it with leggings while I lay on my couch.

J.McLaughlin Helena Poncho c/o | J.Crew Highrise Toothpick Jeans (40% off now!) 
LOFT Suede Booties | J.McLaughlin Wicker Circle Bag c/o
J.Crew Betty Sunglasses 

I just got these LOFT booties (despite what it looks like in the pictures) and they are so good. I wear the hell out of suede booties in the fall/winter so I feel like I need a new pair each season so I don’t look like a total ragamuffin. I had a LOFT pair I loved a couple years ago and wore them until they were ruined so I was pumped to see a similar pair in their fall new arrivals. They’re not on sale right now but they will be I’m sure. I’ll stay on the lookout and give you all the heads up when they’re marked down.

 Ponchos for People Who May Not Love Ponchos

Photos by Tabitha Booth
September 1, 2017


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    August 30, 2017

    I was never much of a fan of ponchos if I’m honest but that one is so cute! And it looks so cozy!

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      September 20, 2017

      me too! they are tough to wear when you’re actually trying to do things but this one is an exception to the rule!