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Heavy Hearts for Harvey – How to EASILY Donate to Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Aug 29, 2017

It seemed a little insensitive and callous to start writing a post about fall outfits without addressing what’s happening in Texas right now.

Hurricanes are monsters. As someone who grew up dealing with hurricanes on a regular basis, we were taught all the ins and outs of preparation and regularly dealt with the effects of these massive storms. But Harvey has clearly turned out to be so much more than just your standard storm. The flooding and widespread devastation to so many millions of people has been on my mind the last few days and I’d be remiss not mention it and ways we can all help.

So I’d encourage everyone to take a moment today and move beyond just posting an image on social media by making a small donation. Houston-based blogger Caroline Harper of House of Harper put together this great list of reputable ways you can help out monetarily including the incredibly simple way you can donate to the Red Cross. Simply text HARVEY to 90999 to make a donation. In addition, JJ Watts’ Flood Relief Fund has raised more than $1.5 million and counting – making a small donation there is an easy way to make a big impact.

When things like this happen, we’re all quick to post about sending prayers and while the power of prayer is real, these victims prayers will be hopefully answered by the work of these relief groups. I hope you’ll join me in taking a few minutes out of your day today to make a donation.

Image via Houston Calligrapher + Stylist Meg Grant

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  1. Melissa says:

    Donated, the images are sad to watch on tv.

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