Outfit Post: Black & Blush

When I find something I love, really love, I wear the hell out of it. As much as I love shopping, it’s a lot more fun and way cheaper to make the most of what you’ve already got lurking in the depths of your closet. So today’s mix has some oldies, like this tee and jacket paired up with this blush skirt that I snagged this summer but will wear year round.

This blush color is perfect for transitioning from summer to fall. I pair it with blacks and grays a lot (since that’s pretty much the basis of my wardrobe) and like how it gives those harder edge colors a little bit of a softer side.

Keeping it short and sweet today since life is getting in the way of my regular long, blog ramblings. Cheers to making it halfway through the week… is it happy hour yet?

J.Crew Laser Cut Skirt (similar here; seen before here) | Banana Republic Gray Beaded Sleeve Tee (old, love this option) | Rebecca Minkoff ‘Mini Mac’ Bag | Jami Tusk Necklace (old, seen before here) | Ray-Ban Aviators (55m – seen before here) | ASOS Waterfall Faux Leather Jacket (old; seen before here) | Dolce Vita Boots (found at the Gilt Pop-Up Shop)

More Blush Options:

Photos by Whitney Neal

Derby Dress a Day: For the Backside

Over the weekend (or was it last week – I have no idea, the days are running together because I am truly a hot mess right now), I got a request from a gal coming in town to attend the Kentucky Derby on the backside of the track. I, for one, have never gotten the invite to this somewhat unknown area of the track but I do have a couple friends who have spent Derby day back there.

For those who aren’t from around here (that just sounded so country and I thought about deleting it but instead think it fits), the backside of the track is where the horse stables are located. The week leading up to Derby makes this a hot spot and you’ll find all the local TV stations and a few radio outlets broadcasting live from here every morning. It’s a great spot to check out the early morning work outs of all the Derby horses. I’ve only been out there a couple times (with clients who scored an appearance on a morning show) but it’s got a very fun vibe those early mornings leading up to Derby. Definitely a Derby buzz in the air.  But enough about that, you want to know what to wear on Derby.

The backside, since it is primarily a place for horse stables, can be a pretty muddy zone even if it’s not muddy. Chances are, with the moonsoon season we’ve been in the last few weeks, it will be at least a little muddy out there. It’s also a much more casual atmosphere for watching the races. So when you’re getting dressed, my pick is for an easy sundress and boots. Think a little fancier, a little preppier festival style. I’ve definitely seen gals in this area wear hats but they are usually a little simpler (think wide brim straw hats or very simple fascinators) than the elaborate scenes you’ll find on the opposite end of the track.

If you’re heading to the backside (that’s what she said), pick something you’ll be comfortable wearing while plopping down in a fold-out chair or taking a break on a bleacher seat. And definitely no heels. First off, you don’t want to ruin them but you also don’t want to look silly or roll an ankle.

derby dress a day - 9
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