Outfit Post: Summer Suit

You guys, I’m pretty excited that this skirt fits now. I ordered it way back when I was a big giant preggo and now that it zips, I’m trying to get my money’s worth out of it. So you’re getting a double dose of it this week.

We’ve seen it dressed down, now I’m jazzing it up a little for work. Nothing too formal though, just enough to make it appropriate for a day at the office. Although I may re-purpose this for a shower or other random summer occasion.

Snagged this blazer during the ZARA summer sale which may be my most favorite sale. I’m pretty sure I haven’t met a ZARA blazer that I didn’t love. I think there’s still some slim pickings on the website so check it out and you may score a solid deal.

Other than waxing poetic on my love of blazers, I don’t have much fun to share. It’s been all work and a lot less play for me lately. Trying to get back into some sort of regular routine is a b***h. Two kids = so much crap to carry around Seriously, why do they need so much stuff?

Pink Blazer: ZARA (on sale for $30!); Blue Stripe Skirt: Piperlime; Chambray Tank: TJ MAXX (seen here); Silver Wedges: Old Navy (seen here); Bracelets: Lily & Laura via 9th and Elm

Just realized that a lot of the stuff in this post has been on repeat the last few weeks. Clearly having a little love affair with some of these goodies lately.

Photos by Whitney Neal.



Guest Post: Meet Katie * {Out + Outfit}

Today I’ve got one of my most favorite (relatively) new bloggers, Katie from {Out + Outfit} filling in for me. Katie is a fellow UK gal living it up in Cincinnati. I love her blog because not only is she always rocking a seriously cute, laid-back look but she also posts some snaps from delicious Cincy eateries along with pics of her friends looking great. Hope you all have enjoyed the week of new faces (and styles), I’ll be  back to a somewhat regular posting schedule on Monday!

I am so flattered to be asked by Danielle to fill in for the day while she is off squeezing the sweet bejeezus out of her new daughter’s cheeks. I know that’s what I would be doing if I were in her shoes.

And as a means of introducing myself to you all, I simply want to share some of my favorite looks and styles so that you can get a feel for what I’m serving up over in my neck of the interweb woods.

look #1 – the uniform

Madewell blouse and denimA button down with jeans is my one million percent go-to. I have quite the ROY G BIV oxford collection in my closest and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The one I am sporting here is one of a few short sleeve versions, but I have a feeling it will be an everlasting presence in my wardrobe.

look #2 – the dream

Joie blouse & Stella McCartney bagI recently had an opportunity to peruse Saks Fifth Avenue and style some looks. This one was my absolute favorite. While each piece is the high-end version, this is exactly the kind of look I salivate over – a silk printed blouse with billowy sleeves,​ some dark flared denim, and a gorgeous designer clutch.​
So feminine and so flattering.

look #3 – the statement necklaces (plural)

CS Gems necklace layeredOnce I started layering statement necklaces, I never went back. I am now incapable of wearing just one statement necklace. When I pull out only one, I feel bland. I have to add a chain link and a tab string in order to feel complete.

look #4 – the print mixing

Pretty Pony Boutique and polka dots 4I’m a teacher and my students know I love clothes and they often ask me what my favorite color is. I always answer polka dots paired with another pattern. Dots and stripes make my little heart go pitter-patter.

look #5 – the chambray​

Stella & DotI hope chambray never goes out of style. I’m pretty committed to the look because it just always, without fail, works. Dressed up, dressed down, tied around your waist, you literally cannot go wrong.

​T​hanks so much for letting me pop in today and introduce myself!
​Stop by and say hi sometime​!

Guest Post: Meet Nikki * {Bedazzles After Dark}

We FINALLY made it home yesterday and are settling into life with our little gal. It’s been crazy getting used to such a teeny tiny human again and the sleeping patterns have taken some getting used to but otherwise life is beyond good. Today I’m super thankful to have Nikki {Bedazzles After Dark} filling in for me. Nikki was one of my very first blogging buddies and even though she’s based in North Carolina – she’s got ties to the bluegrass – her husband is a Kentucky-native. Hope you’ll check out her site and show her a little Lou What Wear love.

Hey Lou What Wear readers!! My name is Nikki & I’m so thrilled to be helping out Danielle while she is enjoying some time with her new addition (whose name I’m obsessed with D!) If you don’t know me, I blog over at my blog, Bedazzles After Dark where I share my inspirations, outfits, current obsessions and more! I thought I would share a few of my favorite looks that I’ve been posting lately and hope you’ll stop by and say hello!

 I wore this outfit when I got to interview Trina Turk during an event at Belk! I am in LOVE with this tulle skirt. It’s so girly and fun! Find outfit details here.
 While I love wearing skirts & dresses, I can’t get enough of printed pants either. This outfit also features on of my favorite brands, GiGi New York. See the outfit deets here.
 I am beyond obsessed with crop tops lately. My favorite way to wear them is with high-waisted circle skirts like in this outfit.
 As much as I love wearing dresses, skirts & heels, sometimes jeans, a tee & moto boots just solve all my fashion issues for that day. Find out what I’m wearing here.
I know, I know. Another full skirt look. But this one has a dual purpose (besides being fabulous) I am a HUGE football fan and have a series on my blog called BADxGameDay. I usually rock it throughout the college season (Go FSU!) but this was for a Superbowl Party look and was my choice for showing some Seattle Seahawks love.
Thanks for having me guest post Danielle! Hope baby Reese is adjusting to life with a fabulous mom. And I hope to see some of you stop by BAD! :) xoxo
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