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2016 Is My Year

Jan 6, 2016

I know you just saw this title and we’re like “Ugh, another New Year’s Resolution post, enough.” And I feel that but stick with me on this one. Or don’t – it’s your call but I’m going to hold myself accountable on these so I gotta put them out in to the world.

Okay, so it’s still TBD on whether 2016 will be my year but I’m planning on making it a good one. New Year’s resolutions are a dime a dozen so rather than resolutions, I’m just setting out some goals, or rather plans for the year. I think if you call them plans they seem much more accomplishable. Goals can seem lofty and sometimes feel unattainable. Making plans means taking some action. So here’s the plan.

Print via Chelcey Tate Studio (save 20% off with code DEC2016)

Print via Chelcey Tate Studio (save 20% off with code DEC2016)

* Read or listen to 20 books.
Recommitting to making the most of my commute by listening to more books on Audible. I started The Martian a couple months ago and need to get back to listening. Any recommendations to either listen to or read? Send ’em my way.

* Profile at least 20 talented, interesting Louisvillians for the Creative Louisville series.
Know someone that would make for an amazing feature? Email me their info and I’ll reach out!

* Plan a trip home to Miami. 
Knocking this one out early. We’re heading to the 305 next weekend for a wedding. I know this will be tough with three kiddos come May but I’m hoping to make a road trip again next fall/winter with the entire crew. Yeah, it’s already making me anxious.

* Take a Calligraphy Class. 
Last year I tried to teach myself calligraphy, I even did the calligraphy on two friend’s wedding invitations. I’m pretty obsessed with handwriting and practicing calligraphy is really relaxing but you can only learn so much totally on your own. This year I want to take some classes from talented gals who can teach me their tricks. I signed up for a hand lettering class at Paper Source at the end of the month and am already excited.

* Get back in shape by the end of the year. 
This one won’t really kick off until May but once the newest member of the Davis clan makes her arrival, it will be time for me to get my butt back in shape. Promising to give myself plenty of time and not being too hard on myself for not springing right back. With my last two kiddos, I gained at least 70 lbs (yes, you read that right and yes, I stopped counting towards the end). This round has been better so far but we’re only halfway through.

* Plan a trip with Drew.
Traveling more in general is in the plans. Not necessarily somewhere far away or exotic but just somewhere. This year, I want to plan at least one extended weekend trip even if it’s just somewhere we can drive like Asheville, Chicago or Nashville.

* Be more selective. 
In the past I’ve said yes to things because I thought I should do them or because I didn’t want to disappoint someone. This year, I’m going to be more selective about what I commit to doing. Be dedicating more time and thought into things I’m truly passionate about or interested in, I know it will be time well spent – whether it has to do with work or play.

* Take a family vacation. 
We’ve never gone on a true family vacation. This is the year it happens. Although it will probably be more like a trip and less like a vacation (this article is all kinds of truth and hilarity).

* Run a Half Marathon.  
Last year my main goal was to run the Kentucky Derby Festival Half and the feeling of crossing that finish line was one I’ll never forget. Never in my life did I think I could run an entire half marathon so crossing that finish line was an emotional moment (which are rare for this grinch). I think there are very few moments as an adult where you accomplish something and feel really proud. We move on so quickly in that ‘on to the next one’ mentality that has taken over our world so doing something like running 13.1 miles feels like a real accomplishment. Although I must admit, sometimes after putting together a complicated piece of Ikea furniture, I feel that same rush of pride. I know it probably won’t be until November or so but I want to run another half before the end of the year – hopefully somewhere pretty and warm. Any suggestions?

* Save more, spend less. Focus on quality over quantity. 
This is something I’ve been trying to put in to practice over the last couple months – spending more time thinking over a purchase instead of just impulsively hitting that Order Now button. Not to say that I’ve been entirely successful but, hey, baby steps. Rather than resorting to fast fashion to keep up with the Jonses, I’m committing to buying less and when I do buy something, making sure it’s something I’ll still love in a couple months, years, or more. I recently unsubscribed from over 75 shopping emails (thanks to and my inbox feels less cluttered and I’m not tempted to check out a new sale every five minutes.

* Throw something away (or give it away or sell it on ebay/Poshmark) every day.
I’m trying to avoid being vague on this one and instead of saying “Get rid of clutter,” I’m challenging myself to do something proactive about it every day. It can be as easy as throwing away a couple dumb things in our junk drawer or as big as cleaning out all my makeup, sweaters, work out gear and pj’s (I’ve done both). So far so good on this one.

Essentially, I need less crap, trash and random junk in my life. My kids certainly have enough to last us a lifetime so every day I’m trying to eliminate things we don’t use, need or love. I blame this book for getting me going. If it doesn’t bring me (or someone in my family) joy or serve a serious purpose, it’s got to go. It’s either getting listed on eBay or Poshmark, heading to Goodwill or making it’s way to the trash can. End of story.

* Make Lou What Wear more a reflection of my true life and what I love. 
Often I can get caught up in the numbers game and the constant comparison that bloggers tend to do on {insert social media platform here}. Instagram has made everything so much more competitive and that competitiveness has bred some complacency and a lot of copying. That’s why you see so many legs in cute pj’s in a disheveled bed, lattes and notebooks and peonies on Instagram. I hit like as much as the next person but in my world, ain’t nobody got time for that. Lord knows I wish I did but I’m working a pretty demanding full time job, have two kids (and all that comes with that) and am still attempting to have some sort of a social life. When I do get out to enjoy time with friends or family, I try to keep my phone at bay (despite work’s attempts to keep me glued to it) which means I often miss opportune instagram moments. It’s not something I’ve regretted and I’m sticking with that.

Anyways, I want to make both the blog and my social channels a more accurate representation of my real life, although I’ll save you from the pictures of crumbs on the floor (no matter how expertly styled they could be) and late night runny make-up selfies (#notcute). I also want to share more of what’s important to me now – decor, fitness, organization, beauty (I’m like an old dog learning new tricks thanks to all the tutorials out there) and just random local stuff. Featuring more happenings around town, cool people and places is really important to me and will be a big priority in the new year.


So that’s the plan, thanks for bearing with me. Mostly I’m sharing it to hold myself accountable and cross some of these off the list along the way. What plans are you making for 2016? Oh and don’t forget to share some bad ass people that need to be featured on Creative Louisville.

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