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Friday I’m in Love… Life Update + The Best Denim Shorts + Graphic Tees on Sale

Aug 30, 2019

Friday, I’m so happy to see you.

These past couple weeks have been a doozy. You know that meme that says “I love how being an adult is just saying ‘but after this week things will slow down a bit’ to yourself until you die.” Well that’s basically been me the entire month of August. We had a pretty slow month in July at work, which was nice, but August made up for it times ten. This week we had a big event for a client at Oxmoor Farm for their beautiful new apartment complex (seriously, go look at the pictures of Upton Oxmoor here), we worked at the Zombie Walk last weekend (which was so fun but always an experience) and before that had two client photo shoots. It was all good stuff but it all came in one giant wave.

The fun doesn’t stop either, I get the oh-so-exciting task of taking Drew to Indianapolis for a soccer tournament. Yay me! Seriously, why do they schedule this stuff on holiday weekends? All I want to do is soak up the last couple pool days of the year but instead I’ll be sitting at a soccer field. Obviously this is a basic mom problem to have but also a fair warning to anyone considering signing up your kid for a club sport. It will overtake your life.

One thing I may try to do though, is sneak over to one of those fancy Indianapolis malls to do some Labor Day sale shopping. And on that note, the entire outfit below is on sale over at Evereve for their sale. This tee has been a favorite since I bought it earlier this summer since it’s super light weight and really, really soft. It’s clearly too hot for the jacket right now (I was sweltering taking these pics) but this is good one for fall. You can’t really tell but the sleeves have a snakeskin pattern embossed into them which makes it a little different than your standard black jacket.

And don’t sleep on these A. Golde denim shorts if you’ve been wanting a pair. They are marked down right now so snag a pair, wear them a few times this fall and then have them ready to go for next spring/summer.

Alright, I’m off to pack for soccer mom duties but hope you all have a fun and very relaxing weekend. Have a cocktail for me tomorrow when you’re lounging pool or lakeside.

Band Tee * Perfect Denim Cut-Offs

Band Tee * Perfect Denim Cut-Offs

A.Golde Denim Cut-Offs * Band Tee

Aerosmith Band Tee (super soft + 50% off ) 
A.Golde Cut-Off Shorts | Faux Leather Jacket 
All from Evereve 
Vince Black Booties (old, similar here) | Quay ‘It’s My Way’ Sunglasses 

Band Tee * Perfect Denim Cut-Offs



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