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Beats, Bourbon & Breeders’ Cup – A Night at the Races

Oct 3, 2018

You guys, it’s October 3rd. You know that means its Mean Girls Day. That has absolutely nothing to do with this post but I couldn’t let it go by without a mention. The limit on my love for Mean Girls does not exist (side note: will someone tell Drew that all I want for Christmas, my birthday, all occasions involving presents from here on, is to go see Mean Girls on Broadway…mmmk, thanks). Moving on…

Last weekend was another busy one but after a week of managing chaos with the kids solo all week, I was excited for a girls night out at the track on Saturday. The team at the Breeders’ Cup invited me out for night racing at Churchill Downs for Beats, Bourbon and Breeders’ Cup. The night was basically a chance to show off what people can expect when the 35th Breeders’ Cup rolls into town next month, November 2 – 3. You all know I LOVE the track so I wasn’t going to miss a chance to get dolled up (which at this point just means fixing my hair and wearing shoes with a heel), get out of the house and, of course, bet on the ponies.

We’re planning on going with some friends so this was a good way to get in the mindset and get ready for what’s to come. I had kind of forgotten about how quickly it would be here so now I am counting down to the main event. If you’re interested in going, there are still single-day tickets and ticket packages available, so be sure to head over here to grab some before they’re gone. But back to Saturday…

Zara Suede Dress | Dolce Vita Knee High Boots (old, seen before here)
Kendra Scott Tassel Necklace | Sugar Fix by Bauble Bar earrings 

We had tickets in the Stakes Room, which is a great, relatively new, spot at the track with the best balcony that overlooks both the Paddock and the track. From up there we were able to take in everything going on in the Paddock area which included TONS of brand activations – my favorite was a giant pool table with soccer balls instead of billiard balls  set-up by Crosley – lots of vendors, music from local DJ’s and a silent disco. We didn’t make it up to the Silent Disco but watched it a little when we went exploring in the paddock. I get the biggest kick out of watching silent discos but they are even more fun to go to. So silly but so fun.

Lynsey and I really lived our best life out there. We ate, we drank, watched football on TV and bet on the races. I ended up cashing a few tickets including winning $604 on a $2 exacta box (!!!!). I totally thought I’d lost the race and then did a double take when my two longshots came in first and second. The guy at the betting window probably thought I was the biggest nerd when I won but didn’t care a lick.

I tried to remember to take a bunch of pics but, to be honest, was having such a good time that I didn’t think about it. I think that’s the sign of a good night, when you don’t have your phone out the whole time.

Thanks so much to the Breeders’ Cup for sponsoring this post and such a fun night at the track. 

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  1. I’ll tell Drew about Mean Girls tickets if you’ll tell Bob I need tickets for 9 to 5 in London. (Oh, and you look adorable, too.)

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