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One Jumpsuit, Two Ways for Fall

Oct 1, 2018

First off, how is it Monday again already? This weekend went by WAY too fast. It had some highs: night racing at Churchill Downs for a Breeders’ Cup preview night and the weather being the big ones. But there were some lows too: Took D3 to the St. X/Trinity game on Friday where he proceeded to immediately get sick and total vom in the middle of our friend’s tailgate plus a not-so-fun letter from the IRS popping up in my mailbox . Anyone else have a full-on panic attack when you have to deal with the IRS? I get the same rush of adrenaline when seeing an envelope with those letters on it that I do when I see police lights behind me.

On the bright side, I’ll be recapping my fun at the track later this week and we’re all heading to Asheville this weekend, for what I’m hoping will be a very relaxing weekend. Until then I’m sure I’ll be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. On to the outfit though…

Have you ever been out shopping and had a sales girl bring you something, look at it and go, “Nope, this is not me” only to try it on and fall in love. More often than not, I have more misses than hits in the dressing room but this jumpsuit is one of those rare exceptions. I feel like culottes are NOT my thing. Not sure if it’s because of where they hit or because I’m not petite enough but normally I’m a no-go on this length/width combo.

But after tying this one on (it has a cute wrap around tie), I’m hooked. At first I wasn’t going to get it because I figured it was too summery but then I challenged myself to style it up for fall. So that’s what you’ve got. One jumpsuit two way. More casual for running around (you could easily swap the vest for a suede moto jacket) now since it’s still 80+ degrees here and layered up for when fall decides to finally show up. Which way do you prefer?

Doll by Dress & Dwell Riley Jumpsuit c/o (Under $70!)
Banana Republic Vest (old) | Dress & Dwell Long Line Cardigan 
Superga Cotu Sneakers | Dress & Dwell Booties
Quay Sunglasses | MVMT Marquee Sunglasses 

Jumping Jumping
Black Jumpsuit Under $100

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