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The $20 Beauty Product That Will Change Your Life

Mar 5, 2020

Gifts are my love language and last weekend I got one was a game changer.  I know that sounds wildly overdramatic but it’s true. This one small gift from my gal pal Caitlin has totally changed my nighttime routine and has officially eliminated Britney Spears-style raccoon eyes from my life.

What is this little piece of magic? It’s this MakeUp Eraser. Forgive me if this is something everyone already knows about or something I should have known about earlier (I really should have) but this thing is incredible. Basically it’s an amped up wash cloth that removes all your make-up. I can hear you saying, “yeah right” already because that’s what I said too. I figured it would be a pretty decent job, wiping away 75% or so of my make-up before requiring a full rub down on my eyes to get my mascara off.

Nope, totally unnecessary. This little cloth wiped away every last swipe of mascara and then some. The best part? It can be yours for $20.

I mean I know I sound like a QVC sales gal right now but it’s necessary. I need you to be as convinced that you need this as I am after watching every Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty infomercial (don’t act like you haven’t watched it at some point).

Trust me, This thing is legit

Forget all those balms, ditch all those wipes and just order this Makeup Eraser. I legit layer something like five swipes of mascara on the daily and usually I’m left with a dark circle after my normal was routine. Then I use a wipe. Then I wake up in the morning to find the bottom layer smudged under my eye.

With the eraser, I’ve used it in the shower with warm water, wiping away all the layers without a drop of cleanser although you could easily do an initial wash and then remove. I will say that it doesn’t come off in one swipe but after going over my eyes a few times, everything is gone. The first time I used it, I expected to get out of the shower and find the normal smudge marks. Nope, my skin looked as clean as it does post facial. I was in awe.

After my initial test drive, I’ve switched it up a little. Now I lather up with the Beautycounter Oil Cleanser first – mostly to help with hydration. I let it soak in and then I use the Makeup Eraser in conjunction. A little one-two punch to get all the makeup off and do a little bit of cleansing. When I get out of the shower, I do the rest of my standard routine of serums, potions and lotions.

Oh and if you don’t love the pink (since after talking to a couple people, they mentioned they wish it was a different color), it comes in a bunch of different shades so you can get whatever tickles your fancy.

Honestly, I love this thing so much and needed you all to know about it. Oh and it comes in a mini too for only $12, thinking about getting one and using it for travel.

*** p.s. – the image above is old and obviously shows me with a wipe, but I needed some kind of photo for this and it fit the bill. bear with me. *** 

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