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In Defense of a Uniform

Mar 4, 2020

Before jumping into today’s post, I’m going to celebrate a tiny victory: posting two days in a row. Cue me doing a fist pump and then patting myself on the back. Granted, I’m sure I’ll fall off the wagon but I’m feeling inspired and enthusiastic about posting again so hoping to ride this feeling well through Derby. Wish me luck.

Okay, let’s talk uniforms. Not the plaid ones you wore to school back in the day or the ones our first responders wear or even the comfy ones you wonderful medical professionals wear on the daily (although I am kinda jealous of the scrubs life). I’m talking about adopting a uniform style. Not quite as boring as Steve Jobs or as cringe-y as Elizabeth Holmes (if you’re unfamiliar, here’s a primer) but something that makes getting out the door easier. The kind that’s made up of classic, well-made pieces that fit perfectly and are not likely to go out of style in a flash.

For me, that’s become well-made denim, simple boots or sneakers and most likely, some form of black or white (or combination of the two) top. Sometimes it’s a sweater, like below, or often it’s a t-shirt + blazer combo.

If you’d asked me about this a couple years ago, I would have waxed poetic about how boring it must be to wear a uniform. And while I still feel lukewarm about wearing the exact same thing everyday, I have started to narrow my focus when I purchase new items to make getting dressed easier everyday.

After my last closet purge, I noticed the items that make the cut season after season tend to be the classic, neutral pieces. The majority of my closet is made up of black, white, navy and gray. And of course denim, lots of denim. When I look at images of myself on the blog or instagram, the ones I gravitate towards are made up of outfits in my go-to color palette.

I haven’t cut out color completely. Instead I add it in through accessories like earrings, fun sneakers or heels, and blazers and coats. I love colorful pieces – especially for summer or vacations – but when buying those I try to stick to dresses or signature tops. Either that or I look for super versatile pieces, like this pale pink oversized blazer. It will mix with pretty much everything in my closet and didn’t break the bank making it an easy call when deciding whether to pull the trigger. Now I try to save the majority of my shopping funds for more high quality basics or splurge-worthy items that I’ll love for years.

Honestly, it’s lessened the urge to shop. I don’t feel the compulsion to grab every fun fast fashion piece I see on my favorite bloggers because I know, that even though it’s very cute, it wouldn’t fit in my closet well. It’s allowed me to be more particular about what I add in and be more deliberate when deciding what needs to go. Most importantly, it’s made getting ready in the morning easier. And we all know anything to make getting out the door easier is a gift from the gods.

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