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Beauty: Treat Yourself & Your Skin

Apr 30, 2017

Happy Derby Week friends! So excited for this week – it truly is my favorite of the year!

When it comes to Derby prep, it’s not just about finding the perfect hat & dress (although that’s a big part). Once you’ve got the outfit details locked up, it’s time to focus on your beauty routine. We’ve already talked about hair (more of that to come), now it’s time to talk skin care.

My schedule this week is pretty jam packed and the mix of late nights and early mornings inevitably lead to a less than stellar beauty routine. Meijer just sent over a box of skincare goodies and it couldn’t have come at a better time so over the weekend, I tried out a couple masks to help get my skin right. Then I set out a couple on my counter so they are ready to go mid-week when I’m sure I’ll need a little pick me up.

I’m kind of obsessed with these Yes To sheet masks. My favorite one I’ve tried is the hydrating primrose oil mud mask. First off, it smells delicious. I know this shouldn’t really be a factor in its effectiveness but when a mask smells less than ideal, it starts the experience off on a bad note. No matter how great it is, I have a hard time getting over a weird smell. I’m partial to anything rose-scented, so I immediately loved it.

The best part of these masks though is how easy they are to apply. You just open up the package, place on the mask and wait. No messy application or rinsing off. After leaving the primrose oil one on for ten minutes, my face felt like it had just chugged a giant glass of cold water. On one hand, your skin feels squeaky clean but without the tightness. It’s like a little spa treatment at home – except at home, I get two kids harassing me ever couple minutes and asking nonstop questions about why I look like a scary monster. But hey, that’s better than nothing.

I’ve also put the Olay Advanced Cleansing brush they sent over into heavy rotation. I used to have a Clarisonic but let it fall by the wayside. This Olay one is just as nice as it and the more expensive options and comes with two brushes. I like using it with my regular face wash to get a more thorough clean. Like I said, late nights can lead to a slightly lazy skin care routine so using this guy has helped me be more efficient with a quick face wash. It helps remove ALL your makeup in the same amount of time as it normally takes me to get the first layer off.

And to keep me refreshed all week, this Clay & Avocado mask has been placed prominently by my sink. On hand and ready to go when I have ten free minutes and need a little R&R. I love throwing these masks on when I’m picking up stuff around my house or putting away laundry. It’s an easy way to make a 10-minute chore into something a little bit better. Basically, anything to make to-do’s a little more manageable.

You can pick up any of these at Meijer where they have a TON of beauty options. Plus you don’t have to spend a ton of money. For an extra $10 – $20 bucks you can have a whole week’s worth of pampering. These sheet masks are especially great since they’re all ready to go and cost less than $5. They also make a great little happy gift for girlfriends. You can grab a handful of them to give as little treats when you’re meeting friends for drinks or as an alternative to the standard hostess gift.

So when you’re swinging by the store for your Derby brunch or party essentials, make a little detour over to the beauty section and snag some of these skin care goodies.

Thanks so much to Meijer for the skincare products to try out.

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  1. Josh Johnson says:

    I’ve been looking for a good face mask to get me through the sweltering summer months. Can’t wait to give these a try!

  2. The Yes To brand makes some amazing products! I’m obsessed with the coconut masks! They smell like vacation. 🙂

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