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Derby Style: How to Style Your Hair with a Fascinator for Oaks

Apr 26, 2017

We’re in the final days of Kentucky Derby prep and by this point, I’m guessing most of you have narrowed down your dress choices and have picked out a hat or fascinator (if not, no worries – you’ve still got time and lots of choices here).  The next step is figuring out what you’re going to do with your hair, and since I am certainly not the expert, I called in the girls at Primp Salon for some styling tips.

I also called in my friend Courtney to help out to show a couple different hair lengths so if you’re hair is on the shorter side, I’ve still got you covered. We’re going to do a series of these and first up is a great day-to-night look for Oaks Day!

Flat Iron Curls For a Simple Fascinator

You may recognize this fun floral romper and delicate fascinator from previous Derby Style looks but we mixed and matched them here for this look that I LOVE for Oaks. Courtney is going to Derby but I told her she needs to make last minute Oaks plans and where this. It looks adorable on her.

But on to the hair. Samantha, the lead stylist at Primp, walked us through an easy, laid-back and totally polished look to pair with this fascinator.

Step 1:

Separate your hair into two sections. Samantha just did two for Courtney’s hair but if you have longer hair, you may want to do three sections.

Step 2:

Samantha used Eufora Behave in Courtney’s hair to hold the style without any of the tacky, heavy product feel. It helps the curls still look loose and airy.

Using a flat iron, take 1-inch sections and curl them around the barrel of the flat iron. Samantha said it’s all about the flick in the wrist to get the right curl. She also recommends trying to keep the movement as one flowing motion so you don’t get any weird marks in your hair.

As you can see below, you start out going straight and then twist your wrist to curl each piece.

Step 3:

Complete the lower layer and then continue to the top layer of hair. Tip: Make sure you start your curl about half-way down or just around your ear level. This will keep the look soft and more relaxed.

Loosely run your fingers through the curls and then set with hairspray.

Step 4:

I think it goes without saying but just because your fascinator is on a headband, doesn’t mean you put it on like one. Make sure to place it on carefully. I like to bend out the sides a little so you can get it in just the right spot. If you’re worried about it moving around, you can also bobby pin it in place.

Voila! I know this isn’t rocket science but you’d be amazed at the number of times I get asked about how to do your hair for Derby. The best thing about this look is that it works just as well without the fascinator which is ideal for Oaks since you may be heading out to dinner after the track. This way, you can just switch out your dress or simply ditch the headpiece and be ready to go!

Draper James Floral Romper | Vineyard Vines x Forme Fascinator

Photos by Tabitha Booth


This post was not sponsored but Primp Style Lounge did partner with me to create this series and deserve a HUGE thank you for their help. 

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