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Beauty: The Living Proof Difference

Nov 9, 2015

Here’s a fun fact: I’ve been tearing out pictures, and later pinning images, of Jennifer Aniston’s hair since I was 16. No, this it was not “the Rachel” that started the obsession (I’m not THAT old). It was during those magical Jen and Brad years that I fell under the spell of her perfect hair (and yes, I know I sound like a total crazy person).

The {totally impossible} quest to master Jen’s beachy, blondish-brown locks has been my holy grail. Many hairstylists have tried, many have come close but alas, I think my goals of achieving Jennifer’s hair greatness are out of my grasp. Well, at least until I hit the lottery and hire that full-time hair stylist I’ve always wanted. #goals

Living Proof Product Review

But see, Jen (can I call you that Jen? I feel like we’re old friends) realized there are a lot of us gals out there trying to master her effortless good hair so along comes Living Proof – a line full of products trying to help us have a good hair day every damn day. Obviously when the line launched a few years back, I ran over to Sephora and scooped up the shampoo + conditioner combo. I was sold but but I hadn’t really tried any of the other products until a few weeks ago when I got the chance to do a full blown review of the line.

With some shop credit in my possession, I went to town ordering up samples of as many different potions as possible to see what worked for me. I’d rather try out a ton of smaller sizes than commit to the full bottle only to find out it’s not for me.

The awesome part of the Living Proof site is that you can get product recommendations based on the look/style you’re going for (you already know I clicked on Jen’s look, duh) + you can use their Product Selector quiz to go through your particular hair scenario to get your perfect combination.

Living Proof Product Review_0525
I ended up going big and getting the full-size No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner. No regrets there, I love it. I just have to be a little less heavy handed with the conditioner than I am used to, instead I just stick with a light layer on top and more product on the ends. It keeps the frizz away without leaving your hair feeling heavy or flat. My favorite part is that, as long as I don’t do a vigorous workout, my hair stays looking good and not greasy for two to three days. That’s big for me.

Living Proof Product Review_0527

It’s also helped that I’ve used the Perfect Hair Day 5 in 1 Styling Treatment. Smells great, leaves hair feeling healthy and soft and most importantly not heavy or sticky. Plus a little dose will do ya so I’m sure I’ll be able to use this for a while before restocking.

Here’s a couple more of my favorites:
Living Proof Product Review
Perfect hair Day (PhD) Night Cap Overnight Perfector: Hands down, my favorite Living Proof product I’ve tried. You only need two to four pumps (based on how long/thick your hair is) and you work it through your hair at night. You can use it on dry or damp hair – I’ve tried both – before going to bed. My hair can be really dry at the ends and this stuff is magic in evening out the dry spots vs. the areas more prone to oil. My favorite way to use it is on damp hair at night, then sleep on it and blow dry/iron in the morning. My hair looked SO much better than when I just did the regular wash + blow dry.

Blowout Style & Finishing Spray: On the days I’ve taken the time to do a good job blow drying my hair, this stuff has been great. Sometimes I think sprays can feel sticky but as long as you use this one on damp hair and comb through, it doesn’t leave any of that gooey feeling. It’s also made my hair look fuller and have a little more of the movement that is key for a good blow out.

Perfect hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo:  This is one category where I think I’ve tried at least 25 different products. Also, I am lazy and love dry shampoo. It is truly a game changer. Case in pint, I used dry shampoo this morning to extend my hair just a tiny bit longer. Anyways, I’ve tried a lot and this is one of the better ones I’ve used. My only gripe with it is the smell – it can come off a little masculine at first. Once it soaks in, you lose it pretty quickly. My tip: apply the dry shampoo close to the hair line in a few different spots, then flip your head over and do a quick spray at the base, last grab your blow dryer and blow it out for a couple minutes to soak it all in. Done and done.


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Living Proof and I received product for this review. All opinions, ramblings and random thoughts are my own (clearly that Jennifer Aniston hair obsession is all mine). As always, I only review and write about products I would genuinely recommend  – I wouldn’t lead you astray! 


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  1. LOVE the PHD line, and I’m really wishing I would’ve picked up the overnight perfector whenever I made my first order – especially after going platinum.

    Josh | The Kentucky Gent

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