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The $30 Dress to Take You From Summer to Fall

Sep 21, 2020

Clearly one thing 2020 took from me is the time and energy that I normally put into the blog. Nothing frustrates me more too because this is my passion project and something I really do love working on. But rather than harp (AGAIN!!!) on why I’m behind, let’s just catch back up, shall we?

Like most of you, I’ve just been balancing on the thin live between keeping it together and losing my shit. Currently teetering much closer to the later. Then you throw in the big, effect us all shit like RBG’s passing, the Breonna Taylor case here in Louisville, plus wildfires, hurricanes and the election madness – oh my!

Can 2020 take a vacation and let us all live for five minutes before it drops another bomb on us? And please, no literal bombs.

We’ve been lucky enough to stay busy at work though so I have that to be very grateful for along with my kids being back at school. So basically I have no excuse not to get my act together. Obviously this is me writing a pep talk to myself and not actually creating valuable content for you, but stay with me.

Chatting about clothing in all this madness seems so frivolous but it’s also somewhat comforting. It’s a small slice of the old regular in the “new normal.” And seriously, how terrible is that phrase. After consulting with all of you on IG, I’m thinking it would be hilarious to do a blog post of all the things we now subconsciously say in emails. Stay tuned for that tomorrow.

Until then, here’s me in my favorite ‘of-the-moment’ trend – the puff sleeve. Yes, this dress has some slightly Handmaid’s vibes but that seems to be the style these days. Just preparing us all for Gilead (I kid, I kid… at least I hope it’s just a joke). I’m on a big sneakers + dresses kick (see exhibit A here) and I love how this Target one is simple enough to wear with sneakers but could easily work with some layers, like a long cardigan, and boots as temperatures drop. Mostly I love that it was $30 and I snuck it in the cart while on a grocery run. You know, it’s the little things these days. It does run a little big so I would suggest sizing down UNLESS you are tall. Because while it is a little baggy, it can be a tad short if you’re over 5’7″ or so.

Oh and yes, these sneakers are kind of a splurge. And yes, I think they are stupid expensive if you buy them full price. My tip is to just google “P448” sneakers and see which ones are on sale. You can usually find them for $100 – $150 less on Hautelook, Nordstrom Rack, Poshmark or even the P448 site (my friend just bought a pair on sale for less than $100). Or you can just buy these that are practically the same.

p448 sneakers with a little black dress

Black Puff Sleeve Dress from Target  – comes in four colors
P448 Sneakers | Gray Hat from House of K
Radley London Tote 

Target Dresses for Fall

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