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So This is Derby Week…

Aug 31, 2020

Remember when Derby was a thing? Seriously, 2019 seems like a lifetime ago.

I shot these photos RIGHT before the COVID quarantine started. Legit, I think I took them on a Friday and everything shut down on Monday. I was running a million miles an hour planning for all things Derby and then ran into the brick wall of the ‘rona.

These photos were some of my favorite I ever shot for Derby and rather than let them disappear into the shadows like everything else we had planned for 2020, I decided it’s worth showing them the light of day. Especially since this dress is finally available. Not sure where you’re going to wear it, but hey – get it on sale and wear it to Kentucky Derby 147 next  year… if we even make it to then.



English Factory Green Lace Dress from Dress & Dwell
Headcandi Oversized Straw Hat (similar here)
Gingham Heels (old, similar here)

Are you planning on doing anything for Derby this year? To be honest, I’m just planning on going to the pool and doing some betting on my phone. I may throw on a fascinator and order a mint julep, but otherwise I’m just not in the mood.

There’s just so much other important stuff going on right now in town… namely the anticipation of a decision in the Breonna Taylor case. It just seems hard to get excited about something, albeit one of our city’s most defining events, when her case looms large.

Either way though, I hope everyone is able to enjoy the day for the reasons we all love it so much – for the time with friends, family and a distraction from all that weighs on us in the world.

Oversized Wide Brim Hat | Kentucky Derby Hats

Oversized Wide Brim Hat | Kentucky Derby Hats

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