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Can’t Find Time To Workout? Schedule Workouts Like Appointments

Jul 17, 2017

This post has been sponsored by Coca-Cola. All thought and opinions are my own.

Summer is the best, right?

I mean, parts of it are the best – but the pressure to look good can put a damper on some of the fun (like not seriously but there is that 15- 20 minute period of anxiety every Saturday when it’s time to pick out a bathing suit). Bikini season is here and I’ve been trying to mentally push myself out the door to get this bod in some sort of bathing suit shape.

As someone who loves working out but has a serious struggle finding time for it, I’ve taken a cue from many motivational speaker and started scheduling my workouts. As someone who goes to a lot of fitness classes but hates commitment, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I’ll sign up for a class a week in advance or a couple days out, then when it rolls around, the urge to bail creeps in. But those ‘no show’ fees can be steep and the guilt of not going ends up feeling worse than the $15 charge.

So instead of letting the devil on my shoulder (you know, the one that loves to binge watching shows on the couch) win, I’ve been sticking to the schedule. I find that when I put them on my calendar – in paper and online – I stay more committed. I treat my gym appointments with the same seriousness as work appointments – even going as far, sometimes, to call in a babysitter or my ever-so-helpful mother-in-law to watch the kids to make sure I get to the class.

All of the rush and hassle in advance is well worth the satisfaction after finishing a class. Lately I’ve been mixing it up from my trusty high intensity interval training to work in some barre classes in an attempt to be mildly more flexible and look mildly better in a bathing suit.

By sticking to a routine, I feel more accomplished and it allows me to plan my day out in advance. But sticking with it also means I end up doing more on the go. My favorite time to workout is 4:30 but that means I usually end up rushing to grab the kids afterwards. I’ve started throwing a vitaminwater® in my bag so that after classes I can get the hydration I need plus the additional nutrients before the mini-marathon that starts with pick-up and finishes with bed time. After chugging waters all day, it’s nice to have something with flavor.

I pick up a case at Sam’s Club (where I could wander for hours picking out snacks) along with this seriously delicious Member’s Mark Indulgent Trail Mix . It’s the kind of mix that I could binge in one sitting but since that’s less than ideal, because you know, portion control. So instead, I pack up little baggies that are the best sweet treat post-work out. I throw in a couple extra for the kids so I don’t have to share (one bag for you, two for me please). I don’t feel totally guilty either since it’s a mix of fruit and nuts with just a touch of chocolate and a single serving only has a few grams of fat (plus nuts are the good kind of fat so, less guilt).

Nothing like a little treat to motivate you to hit the gym, right?

Images by Tabitha Booth 

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