Stripes for Every Day of Summer

Oh hey, look it’s me wearing stripes again. You know, something new. #SorryImNotSorry

Moving on… Aren’t these flowers pretty? I hope you think so since I bought them entirely for this blog shoot. The reasoning? Flowers make everything a little prettier (especially when you’re wearing another variation of the same outfit), plus they are the one “business expense” that make my house a little prettier too. I mean, I wish I carried around flowers all the time, but I don’t (I’m sure this is a huge shocker). But yeah, they’re entirely for the pics. That being said, I do wish there were more places to easily pick up flowers here. In Miami, you could grab them at almost any big intersection from people selling them in the streets or there were little stands in tons of strip malls. Here, it’s like you have to go to Trader Joe’s to hunt down peonies, pay an arm and leg for them at a florist or settle for the ones at the grocery. Okay, that’s enough of my flower rant.

As for the outfit, sometimes you just gotta keep it basic (cause that’s the kind of b**ch I am). With the amount of running around I’ve been doing lately, getting dressed is much simpler when you stick to what you love. And since I love sharing my favorite things with you all, I’ve rounded up a ton of stripe options below to fit every summer occasion.

Old Navy Stripe Open Back Tank | J.Crew High Rise Lookout Jeans 
Lauren Ralph Lauren Espadrilles c/o
Dagne Dover Legend Tote | J.Crew Field Jacket

Stripes on Stripes on Stripes
Colorful Stripes
Classic Stripes


Photos by Tabitha Booth

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