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Try the Trend – 10 Color Block Sweaters for under $50

Oct 9, 2019

Can we get an AMEN for fall finally being here?!? If for no other reason than I don’t have to look like a total a-hole when trying to take pictures of sweaters. Like this one for example. I am pretty sure it was 99 degrees out when we took this. I wanted to tell everyone who saw and side-eyed me that I agreed with them – yes, I like a total idiot.

I say that mostly so you all know that I realize doing all this stuff is super ridiculous.

Anyways, on to the sweaters. This one is from Dress & Dwell but of course, it sold out. So I tracked it down here along with a bunch of other color block options since that trend has come back around. You know you’ve been blogging too long when a trend you sported on here back in 2011 is making its way around again.

Like every trend though, I prefer not to spend a ton unless I REALLY love something. So all of the options below are under $50. And while I paired this one with jeans, I think they look really cute paired with a skirt too.

But I know leopard isn’t for everyone (even though I totally think it should be) so I’ve rounded up a bunch of other statement sweaters perfect to add a little something something to your fall wardrobe. Oh and they won’t break the bank.
Seriously, I saw a link today to the cutest sweater today, I clicked on it and it was over $500! I mean, really!?

Andree by Unit Sweater (bought at Dress & Dwell)
Madewell High Rise Denim 
Lucky Brand ‘Lanesha’ Knee High Boots
(bought last year but found them here on ebay)




At Dress & Dwell, use code LWW25 to save 25% and bring their options to under $50!

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