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Creative Louisville

Jul 9, 2015

Today I’m excited to launch a new series that I’ve been planning and working on for what feels like forever now. One thing I really wanted to focus on with the redesign of the blog is incorporating more local content. I wish I could still get out there, go to events four nights a week and snap pictures like crazy but it just isn’t in the cards for me. What is possible though is showcasing some of the amazing talents that can be found here.

Louisville is full of amazingly talented people and it’s time to start meeting some of them. Anyone who has planned a wedding (or had a friend/sister/cousin plan one) knows that there are a million and one outlets for wedding vendors to showcase their talent but not quite as many platforms to see beautiful portrait photography, painters, chefs, bakers, muralists or hell, even latte artists (that may be a stretch but hey, I’m open to it, that is a true talent!).  So each week I’m looking forward to sharing pictures of some new and familiar faces.

If you’re being creative in Louisville (yes that’s an intentionally broad category), I want to shine a little light on what you’re doing. So round up some high-res images (sorry no blurry or small pictures allowed, gotta be strict on this one) and drop me a line. All the details are below.

Get Featured!

Just drop an email to danielle @ with the following info:

* Name(s)
* Business Name and Website
* Social Media Links
* 2-3 images showcasing your work/product
* A quick introduction to your work and why you’d like to be featured.


Now head over and check out the first feature on a familiar face and longtime favorite, Jaclyn Journey.

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