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When a Coat Won’t Cut It * 10 Capes to Try this Winter

Nov 14, 2017

Okay so when I said I was going to post every day this week – I meant it. Better late than never right?!

Coming in at the end of the day because I have been posted up in bed all day dealing with a stomach bug. This is especially poor timing since I’m about to head out to speak at a local networking group here in town – Louisville Women In Digital.  I haven’t eaten anything all day, I’m too afraid, so I think I will make it through the event in one piece. Say a prayer.

Anyways, on to the cape. When I first got this one from Draper James, I thought it would be more of a special event type item. But honestly, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how often I’ve broken it out. I have a hard time with coats because I have broad shoulders. So I don’t want them to be too tight around the shoulders but it’s hard to find that without it being too bulky. A cape is a perfect alternative since it keeps me from feeling like I’m going to Hulk out of a jacket.

I’ve just worn it with a sweater on chilly days or with a long sleeve tee on days when you need a jacket. It’s especially great on those days when it’s freezing in the morning but warmer mid-day. Okay, I just talked WAY too much about weather. You get the point though.

Feeling especially preppy in this combo but I like it. I don’t usually go all in like this but I’m digging it.


Draper James Hollis Cape Coat c/o
J.Crew White Denim  | LOFT Suede Boots 
Old Navy Stripe Tee (more stripe tees here)
Tassel Necklace c/o Dress & Dwell

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  1. Liv says:

    Totally need more capes in my wardrobe!


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