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Dressing Up for Fall with Clodhoppers

Sep 19, 2011

Last week I told you about a fun “play date” I had with the Mary-Elliott girls at Clodhoppers, my friend Lindsey and Quinn from Wedding Row Kentucky. I took tons of pictures so the blog post is going to be broken into two parts because it wouldn’t all fit into post (aka – there were just too many pictures to edit in one night!).

Today’s post is all about our afternoon playing dress-up. I had to con Cary, Lindsey and Quinn into being models but I think you’ll agree that it wasn’t very hard for them to look great. Tomorrow’s post will be full of the amazing fall pieces I am now coveting from Clodhoppers.


If you’re looking for some fashion advice, Cary and Meggie are the girls to ask. I was obsessed with both of their skirts – the best thing is that they each have unique taste so they can find the right thing if you’re looking for something that’s a little more traditional or going all-out on a new look.

Cary – Vest, Skirt: Milly

p.s. – how amazing is her hair? i can only dream/wish that mine would ever look that good at 5 p.m.

Quinn – Cardigan: Tory Burch, Skirt: Forever 21, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Watch: Timex from Macy’s 

Quinn and I had lunch earlier that day for the first time and realized we were destined to be friends when we both showed up in long skirts, white tops and a blazer/cardigan. If you’re planning a wedding (or just love them like me!) you need to add Wedding Row Kentucky to your favorites.

Lindsey had no idea I would forcing her to channel her inner Kate Moss when I invited her to join me. After a couple outfits, we all agreed that this emerald green Milly dress looked amazeballs on her. It’s definitely a “look” and not for someone who isn’t willing to go for it. I especially loved the leopard print Milly coat that Lindsey threw on with this.  Not sure what she has planned for fall but I am thinking this outfit is a must for a fall wedding.

p.s. – I snuck into this post, a la Where’s Waldo, in the first image of Lindsey. You can see my twin outfit if you look closely.

Lindsey’s daughter Harper came along for the fun. The stores of Louisville have no idea what they’re in for when this little lady starts shopping on the reg. The girl is better dressed than me (I’ve already raided her closet once – seen here)  and she’s 11 months old.

Jacket +

Dress =

Quinn channeling her inner Rachel Zoe.

Quinn thought this look was a little much for her but I thought it was perfect. Just enough over the top to stand out from the crowd but the muted colors keep the look subdued.

Tomorrow’s post will be fun of the accessories and outfits sprinkled around the store. Until then, what item is on your must-have list for fall? Will you be rocking leopard print? Send in a picture of your favorite fall look.

p.s. – I was not compensated for this post. Just love to do a little window shopping! 

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