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Lunch is Packed! How to Make Packing Lunch as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Jun 21, 2017

It is no secret that I love anything that makes life a little simpler. You know I’ve talked about the best way to grocery shop and the easiest way to make dinner – now it’s on to packing lunch.

If you’re a mom that packs their kid lunch every day, imagine me standing in front of you giving you a standing ovation. Seriously, I applaud you. If you make your own baby food or can effectively meal prep for a week, I’m also throwing flowers and yelling ‘Bravo!’ For me, getting out the door with mascara on, all three kids and my cell phone is a modern miracle, so you can bet I cut corners at any opportunity. Which means, during the school year, my son buys lunch. Thankfully, he prefers it or at least has accepted it and doesn’t complain, which I take as a victory. But then summer starts.

Summer means summer camp and summer camp requires a packed lunch. Cue my morning anxiety. It’s like putting together a puzzle to meet all the requirements which ends up being kind of like lunch roulette – some days D3 is a winner and some days, well, he’s not. So when EatPakd reached out to me and offered up a week’s worth of lunches, I was all “Y E S  P L E A S E.”  EatPakd is a lunch delivery service aimed at a providing wholesome, balanced, nutritious lunches that kids actually like. Would D3 like them? I sure hoped so but at least I’d have a full week feeling like I had my s**t together.

Here’s the thing. They are delicious. Honestly, I want to order a week’s worth and take them for my own lunch (which I did one day and ate every last bite). But my kids liked them just as much. As you can tell from the pics, D3 and Reese actually fought over one of them. My kids fighting over apples instead of nuggets? It was unheard of.

If you’re interested in giving EatPakd a try, you can get your first five Paks for $15 with code LUNCHINKY. I’m not genius but $3 for a delicious, healthy meal sounds like a seriously good deal. I’m planning on ordering Paks for all of D3’s camp weeks and would seriously consider stealing them all for myself. But really, $3 for lunch is the legit.

And while I was just happy to see my kids eating something that wasn’t full of fake sugars, I know some of you will want to know the full story. Basically, a pair of parents got together to tackle the problem of providing healthy meals on the go. They found themselves always battling the same dilemma: either spend a ton of time preparing healthy food or grabbing something quick that was also low in nutritional value. EatPakd is their solution. All Paks are designed by nutritionists, crafted by chefs and free of fillers and preservatives.

When you order, you can select your Paks, create your own or let them pick for you. Our favorites were the Pita Pizza and Chicken Salad Paks but honestly, we liked them all. And since the menu changes to reflect what’s in season, there’s new options every week. If you’re not convinced yet, I think this picture should.

Thanks so much to EatPakd for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own and for reals, I LOVED this product. Like, ordering again right now loved it. 

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