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The Quickness with ClickList

Jul 9, 2016

You guys, consider my life changed.

Kroger Click List

Yes, I know that seems overly dramatic but it’s legit. If you’ve read here before, you know I am sucker for anything that makes my life a little easier and more importantly, saves time. Today I tried out Kroger’s ClickList service and it was a game changer for real.

Okay so when it comes to grocery shopping, it used to be my jam. I’d get lost in strolling up and down the aisles, finding some sort of odd relaxation in taking my time filling up my cart. But that was before I had enough people in my family to fill the starting line-up of a basketball team. It was also before I was frantically running from work to pick-ups to any other sort of engagement that I am inevitably late for. Now I usually find myself trying to get in and out of the grocery store before D3 can add all the candy, chips and other assorted goodies he can get his hands on. Even when I get the chance to go alone, I’m usually rushing through. Gone are the days of wandering the aisles like an old lady on Senior Discount Day. Side note: Did you know they used to have a lady playing piano in the store on Senior Discount Days? That was a previous maternity leave discovery.

So a couple months ago when I saw in the news that ClickList was coming to Louisville, I started counting down the days until my grocery pick-up dreams became a reality. Yes, I know that language seems over the top but it’s no joke. Ask the girls I work with, it was something we were all seriously amped about.

The first time I tried it out was a couple weeks ago when I was up to my ears in working on Muhammad Ali’s funeral but knew I couldn’t leave my family behind with a refrigerator full of sadness. But I only went through the ordering process that time, leaving Drew to give the pick-up process a try. He said it was easy and so amazing but I didn’t realize how great it was until going through the entire process.

Kroger ClickList

So here’s how it works:

1. Order:  You go online to and head over to the ClickList section. Once there you just type in what you’re looking for and the search pulls up just about everything in that category. This makes it easy to pick the best priced item or match it up with a digital coupon.I think the online ordering process is easiest when you make a list in advance. I did add some random stuff based off coupons and reminders on what I’ve bought in the past but it’s faster if you’ve got a list ready to work from. I’ll say this was by far the most time consuming part but even then, it probably only took me about 15 or 20 minutes and I may or may not have been in my pajamas.

When you’ve completed all your shopping, you check out online (right now you can’t pay online but they are adding it soon) and select when you want to pick up your groceries. You have to order one day in advance and you select a one-hour window of when you can swing by.

2. Pull Up & Call:  Now here’s the good part. I picked up my groceries on a Sunday morning which is when I’d normally make it in the store along with half of Louisville. This means the store is super crowded, you bump into at least one or two people you know and process of unloading my cart gives D3 enough time to find at least four more things to add to our order. Basically, it’s an ordeal.

Instead it was, quite possible, the easiest errand ever. No joke, the entire process took less than 15 minutes. You pull into the special ClickList parking spots, call the number on the sign, tell them your name and they bring everything out to you. Yes, you read that right – they bring all your groceries to your car. You don’t even have to get out. This is a huge deal when you’ve got kids that you don’t want to unload (that can take me 15 minutes in and of itself) or if you’re shopping after work and want to make it home in time to make dinner and watch all your favorite shows.

3. Pay & Load Up: When I pulled up, the two nicest associates – Andrea and Bethany – rolled out all my groceries, loaded them in my car (!!!) and even brought me a bottle of water. I pulled into the parking lot at 11 am and was pulling out at 11:13. I even made the mistake of parking in a regular spot and had to walk back to my car and pull into the ClickList lane which definitely added at least five minutes to the process. I’ve never been so happy leaving the grocery store. I was home and had all my groceries unloaded by 11:45 – a modern miracle. Saving all that time meant that I was poolside by 12:30. Insert hands in the air emoji.

My entire outlook on grocery shopping has changed. No longer am I procrastinating and waiting until our pantry is bare before heading out to the store. Consider me obsessed.

I will say that this doesn’t mean my days of wandering aimlessly through the aisles are over. I’m sure I’ll use it as an excuse to get out of the house solo. I also love wandering through and seeing what new stuff is available but this whole drive-thru grocery shopping experience is my new jam.

Louisville friends – ClickList is now available at the Hubbards Lane Kroger as well as the Breckinridge Lane, Outer Loop and Southgate locations with more to come.


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Kroger but I had already tried out and fallen in love with ClickList before writing this. As always, all opinions, ramblings and comments are my own.

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