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Kentucky Derby Style: Scallops + Feathers

Mar 19, 2019

Honestly, I cannot believe it’s Kentucky Derby time.

It’s no secret that I love Derby more than any one person should but this year, I’m all out of sorts. I blame the hecticness of the past month and the weather but I’m usually 100% all-in on Derby by now. I haven’t quite gotten there yet so I am basically throwing myself into the deep end. Going to start swimming in Derby hats, dresses and events whether I like it or not.

Clearly I am being overdramatic. Dresses, hats and events are frivolous fun, so it’s time to let all the bright colors and the promise of warm, sunny days brighten up my attitude.

That starts now…

Last week, I traipsed out to Nulu with Tabitha in tow to get the Derby party started. It was overcast and about 40 degrees – perfect Derby weather, right!?! – and I looked like a LEGIT crazy person but at least a fun, festive crazy person. So if I look cold in these pics, it’s because I was…. freezing actually!

Kicking things off with this fun headpiece from Fascinate Designs that I actually wore last year to Thurby. I realized I never got to photograph it and it paired perfectly with this ladylike scalloped shift from Tory Burch. I borrowed this beauty from the Tory Burch store at The Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass so it’s from last year’s resort line.

I didn’t know this until going out there but they are one of two outlets that get clothes from the Tory Burch boutiques. So all the pieces in there are from the actual line, not designed specifically for the outlet shops. It’s normally from the previous years but as you’ll see in a few pieces I am styling up, it’s all still on point. And this little white dress is a classic that will work for years to come. Would be perfect for a bridal shower or lunch too.

Back to the fascinator really quick, Fascinate Designs is the work of Valerie and Sara, local Louisville-ladies who both love Derby as much as I do and have taken their talents to creating these light, fun headpieces. They only do fascinators, no hats, so if you’re looking to go that route, stay tuned for more options. As a fascinator-loving girl though, I am in love with so many of their pieces. Whether you want something flirty and full of feathers or more structured, a la royal family – they are your girls.

Visit their site to shop pieces or scroll through their Instagram for inspiration for your own custom fascinator.

Tory Burch White Scalloped Shift Dress
Fascinate Designs Fascinator – Custom Made, Similar Here 
Gingham Heels (Seen Before Here)



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