Bringing Scrunchies Back

Here’s a trend I didn’t think I’m be excited about coming back but here I am loving scrunchies again.

Clearly I’m not an early adopter, I needed a little encouragement – mostly in the form of pretty Pinterest pictures and other people on Instagram. #influenced I was slow to jump on because I didn’t want to look like a 12-year-old or like a try hard. But after trying it on again, I am fully onboard.

I bought this Chan Luu scarf scrunchie one before going on our Mexico trip and it was the best thing I packed. I think the scarf addition (which you can remove if you just want to use the scrunchie part) elevates the look and gives it a more mature edge. I wore it all the time, it took up no space in my suitcase and it instantly elevated anything I was wearing. It’s so fun with a black bathing suit or with a simple white t-shirt and jeans (clearly, since that’s what I’m wearing here). This one was kind of a splurge, not going to lie, I was little ashamed of myself for spending so much but I had a gift certificate.

So while I wanted to dive head first into the trend, I wasn’t willing to spend this much again. Cue, these Free People bow scrunchies. Actually, cue every hair accessory on Free People. They are all under $20 with those cute bow scrunchies coming in at the super cheap, don’t feel bad about trying the trend, price of three for $12. Whenever I throw one on, it  instantly makes a simple outfit more chic and fun. I bought three and after looking through their current pieces again, am consider going back for more. How pretty are these sweet eyelet ones?

Basically, I think these are a spring/summer essential and you need to go grab one. And if you have daughters, when you get tired of them, you can just hand them down to them.

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