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Last Minute Packing with Dryel

Feb 17, 2015

I feel like kind of jerk saying this, since we just got 10+ inches of snow here, but tomorrow I’m heading out of town on a little getaway to Mexico. The trip couldn’t come at a better time weather wise but this snow storm has made my last minute preparations (because I ALWAYS leave everything to the last minute) a little more hectic.

Clearly I didn’t even think of planning/packing until yesterday when we were buried under a blanket of snow with a warning to stay clear of the roads. I opened up my closet and pulled out the dresses I was planning on taking only to realize that a couple of them were in desperate need of a trip to to the cleaners. Yeah that wasn’t going to happen.

Then I realized I had my Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaning kits and the day was saved. In between answering work emails and catching up on my DVR, I was able to get my dresses clean and ready to go. Now that I’ve got that checked off my list, I’ve only got another 39423094+ to go. Okay, that’s obviously an exaggeration but that’s what it feels like.

Seriously, these kits have been a huge lifesaver either when it comes to packing or last minute, “I have nothing to wear moments” before an evening out. All it takes is a couple sprays of the refresher treatment, toss it in the dryer bag, throw it in and hit start. Within 20 – 40 minutes you’re good to go and you’ve saved the time and cash of a trip to the dry cleaner.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Dryel who also provided me with samples of the product to try. All opinions, both good and bad, are my own. I only write about and support products that I dig and think you all might too!

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