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Favorite Things: Pretty Little Liars

Jul 31, 2012

Have you guys been watching Pretty Little Liars? If not, I’m on a personal mission to get people to look beyond that it’s on ABC Family and check it out. I’m not quite sure why it’s on ABC Family because PLL is straight up scary and borderline inappropriate at times (hot for teacher? teenage murder plots? filming girls doing who knows what?). Either way, I’m obsessed.

After a couple just so-so episodes (Plot and style-wise), things are getting crazy bananas again and I am counting down until tonight’s episode.

To get you ready for the madness, here’s a look back at a couple of last week’s looks.

Image: ABC Family

Image: ABC Family  Credits
Top: Rebecca Minkoff 
Jeans: DL1961 
Bag:  Rebecca Minkoff 
Earrings: Marc Jacobs 
Shoes: Rebecca Minkoff

My partner in PLL crime, Cara, wasn’t really digging this colorful look but I love the mix (mostly because my girl Hannah can do no wrong in my eyes).

Snag Hannah’s Jeans….

I was hoping to feature a little more of the other Liars lately but I haven’t personally been into what they’ve been wearing lately (did you see Spencer’s high heeled doc martens?). Here’s hoping tonight provides a little more material to feature!

Spoiler Alert: But mostly, let’s hope tonight we get to the bottom of this Maya Murder Mystery!

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  1. Lauren Rambo says:

    Rebecca Minkoff can do no wrong in my eyes! Those boots are amazing. I might have to tune into PLL if its as good as you say…

  2. AJ says:

    I love PLL! And I really liked that outfit that Hannah wore. My style seems to be more like Spencer, but Hannah’s is great too!


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