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Fitness: Let’s Get It Started

Jun 20, 2014

Happy Friday Friends! I’m pretty pumped for this weekend because we’ve got friends coming in town and some fun plans lined up starting with a pseudo bar crawl and concert by local favorites Tony & the Tan Lines and then a baby shower (that will be more like drinks with friends + baby presents) tomorrow night. I’m going to let my camera tag along so I’ll try and do some style spotting while I’m out an about. This weekend has been marked on my calendar for a while and I’ve used it as motivation to get back into a few items in my closet. I’m happy to report that the shorts I was hoping to wear tonight fit so big ups to my thighs for slimming down enough!

Seriously though, earlier this week I told you all about a fitness series I am starting up with a local gym, Baptist East Milestone Wellness Center. I’m dubbing it Fitness Fridays and every other Friday I’ll be popping in with tips I’ve picked up, class reviews and other random musings. For local readers, I’ll also be doing some giveaways for free day passes and more. So, if you’re not into this kind of thing – I totally get it. Just plan on skipping over this and getting your weekend started early. For the rest of you, here’s the scoop.

While I was still in those last few weeks of {endless} pregnancy, Drew and I talked about rejoining a gym. He was still a member at a smaller gym but I’d given up my membership a year or so earlier in exchange for the occasional Zumba class (don’t judge, I LOVE it) and running on the treadmill. See I convinced him that the treadmill would be a good purchase because I could work out at home and there was no excuse not to sneak in a little workout here and there. That treadmill has been a lifesaver and I use it at least four times a week but I knew that I wanted to do more than just run after the baby. Both of us wanted to shake up our routine and have access to more than just free weights and cardio equipment.

We had family and friends who were members at Milestone Wellness Center so we checked it out and were instantly sold.  The gym is big, spacious, has a bad-ass pool, super nice locker rooms, childcare (big plus for me), a spa and more. Those things were all cool but the thing I liked most is they have classes FOR DAYS. Drew had been itching to try cycling but I was game to try just about anything. He signed up and got started while I was still in the giant beached whale phase so I waited patiently on the sidelines while he got his work out on.

I jumped on board a few weeks ago and I’m equally obsessed. Mostly because of the classes. Each week there are more than 250 classes to pick from. Yup, 250.

Cycling, Step, Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Weight Classes, Tabata, you name it, they have it. So far, I’ve just tried Rhythm Ride which I’m guessing is their version of Soul Cycle (although I really have no idea since I’ve never done a Soul Cycle class). And let me say, Jeff is kicking my ass. I think I have him personally to thank for being able to fit into pants again. I have been trying to go a couple times a week and it is killer. It’s weird to say, but it feels good to be sore from a work-out again. Obviously, it’s been a LONG time. I’ve been trying to ease back into things which is why cycling has been a good start for me – no bouncing up and down or other things that I may not be ready for yet. But I’m really looking forward to expanding to other classes in the next couple weeks. I’ll keep ya posted.

As part of the start-up process there, they have you meet with a Fitness Specialist who sits down with you to help map out a work out plan. I met with Amanda, who was awesome. She asked me about my schedule (now and when I go back to work), my fitness background and what kinds of work outs I like to do. She then gave me the low-down on good classes to try that fit my preferences. More importantly, she gave me the low-down on what each class was like, the intensity level and the instructor’s style. Personally, there’s nothing worse than going to a class and realizing 15 minutes in that it is just not for you. I feel like sitting down with Amanda helped save me from a few of those situations.

For the rest of the month of June, they are running a special: $149 for a 60-day membership, no commitment or initiation fee. It’s the perfect way to give it go and see what you think (come try Rhythm Ride with me!). There’s a perception that Milestone is pricey and yeah it’s more than the 24/7 gyms but you get a smorgasbord of classes (250+!!!) for around $75 a month. If you purchase classes at any specialty gyms – from Pure Barre to local Zumba studios to Crossfit, it’s going to cost you more than that a month if you go 3-4x a week. This way you get all the classes and access to the regular gym goodness. And oh yeah, they are starting a Crossfit class there too (can’t wait to try it out).

If you’re interested in giving it a go, call Priscilla at 502-753-7558 or email her (pdespain @ to get more info and mention that Lou What Wear sent you!

Okay, I’ll wrap it up since I know it was a long post! Before I go, here’s a little online weigh in:

Pre-Baby Weight: 140 lbs.

Weight at 40 Weeks: 205 lbs. (I know, I know, I gained a 3rd grader – it was no good)

Current Weight: 165 lbs.

25 more to go!


Disclosure: Baptist Milestone Wellness Center has provided me with a discounted membership in exchange for sharing my opinion, information on classes and the occasional offer. All opinions expressed are my own and as always, I would never write about something I didn’t support or endorse.

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  1. Jodie says:

    LEGIT nothing I love more than a great group fitness class. you are pushed further than youd go on your own and have other people there to motivate you to keep going. you are so motivated jumping in already. good luck with the journey but remember you look fab any size 🙂

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