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Outfit Post: The Long and {Printed} Short of It

Jun 26, 2014

Okay so I’m back with the outfit posts. Bear with me as I get back in the swing of things. I’m still trying to get back to really “normal” but I’m getting there. I figured it wouldn’t be authentic if I didn’t show you what I’m looking like these days – so here you go (although I prefer this picture a few days later).

It’s crazy hot outside and all I want to do is wear shorts. But right now, I’m still struggling to fit back into my favorite pairs. Enter the J.Crew summer sale (still going on – get 30% off with code HISUMMER).

On it’s first go round (while I was still giant size and wistfully shopping for days without a belly), I ordered a couple printed pairs in a bigger size to tide me over while I worked my way back to my regular clothes. This floral pair gave me just enough of the floral trend without going too overboard with crazy colors or 80’s feeling prints.

Please pardon my wrinkly shirt and slightly blurry pics (got a new lens that we’re figuring out). It’s hard to find time to iron it out when I’m running around all day while seemingly doing nothing. Seriously, that’s a whole other blog post but it feels like I’m going non-stop but accomplishing very little. Oh well – at least I was able to sneak in my first mid-week pool day of maternity leave, so there’s that.

Oh and I’ve heard that a few people have joined Milestone since my last post. Love it. I’m planning on doing Rhythm Ride tomorrow at 11:30 am so feel free to join if you free or can sneak away on your lunch break. And if you’re interested, they’re running a pop-up special through the end of today – join for two months, no commitment, for $99. All the details are here.

J.Crew Printed Shorts * Summer Outfits * Floral Shorts * J.Crew (6)Navy Top: Nordstrom Rack (similar but cuter); Shorts: J.Crew; Necklaces: Brevity Signature Personalized Necklace from Dandelion; Horseshoe Style Necklace: Southern Charm Jewelry; Sunglasses: Burberry; Yellow Bag: Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’

J.Crew Printed Shorts * Summer Outfits * Floral Shorts * J.Crew (3)J.Crew Printed Shorts * Summer Outfits * Floral Shorts * J.Crew (7)

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