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Kentucky Derby Style: Flower Powered

Apr 8, 2019

It’s April, the sun is shining and yesterday I locked down our Derby tickets. Guys, I’m feeling so productive. I’ve been in the office all day and crushing my to-do list. I feel alive. And yes, I am a nerd.

Now that our tickets are figured out, I am super excited about all the festivities. I feel like I can’t get really into everything until that’s all lined up. Now that it is, it’s on.

We got back from Kiawah over the weekend and even though I’m still trying to get my life back together, it’s pedal to the metal with all things Derby. Tomorrow I’m going to share a list of all my favorite Derby events, so if you have one – leave it in the comments or DM me on Instagram. Later this week, I’m going to pull some random tips so stay tuned.

For now though, it’s all about this daisy lace get-up. I saw this skirt at Dress & Dwell and knew I had to do something with it. I feel like this look, with potentially a little jacket layered on top (I didn’t pack one for our trip – my b), would be great for Thurby. A little more casual, a little more fun and a smaller, albeit still a little extra, headpiece.

You all know I LOVE all things Headcandi. Britni has made my Derby fascinators for the last five or six years and always knocks it out of the park. For this one, I sent her a picture of the skirt and she whipped up this piece specifically to match. She is incredible. If you want to buy it, she’ll have it in her etsy shop later this week, so drop her a note if you need. For all the flower lovers who don’t want to wear a big ass hat, this is for you.

She could probably even do it in different colors, she’s always taking custom orders – so drop her a note if you want something like this.

Headcandi Fascinators

It was so fun shooting this in Charleston with all the flowers and bright colors since it’s usually still pretty gray here when I shoot most of my Derby looks. I shot with Julie Livingston, who is lovely and talented and so good if you’re looking for a photographer in South Carolina (or anywhere).

The best part though was the looks I got wearing these hats and fascinators. Here in Louisville, it’s not totally out of the norm to see people wearing hats this time of year but down there, obviously not so much. The looks I got were pretty funny. Clearly I have no shame though, so there I was, traipsing through the historic district of Charleston looking like the crazy person I am.

Dress & Dwell Daisy Lace Skirt (take 25% off with code LWW25)
White Drapey Tank
Headcandi Fascinator | INC Sandals 

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