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Friday I’m in Love

Mar 2, 2018

Forget Thank God It’s Friday… I’m in a ‘Praise God and Everything That’s Holy It’s Friday’ kind of mood. If that tells you anything about my week.

What I had hoped to make a very productive week of taking care of business and getting my life back on track (traveling ruins me), was left in shambles pretty much from the start. Drew has been out of town all week so it’s just me vs. the kids all week. And I am STRUGGLING. The early, get dressed, make breakfast and lunches and have everyone out the door routine by 7:25 am is enough to break me and then to add to it, Reese not only fell on the playground and had to get a couple stitches, but we also found out she has the flu. Yay! Go us.

Pretty much throwing in the towel on this week, pouring myself a bottle of wine into one of those ridiculously big glasses and vowing to be better next week. It shouldn’t be hard to improve on this week’s performance. Just hoping Drew makes it home since his flight got cancelled last night and he had to hit the road to make it home. Yeah, it hasn’t been our best week ever.

Hey, you win some and you lose some.

Pretty much the highlight of my week was sneaking off to New Albany earlier this week (when the sun decided to remind us it’s still up there) to shoot some pics. This outfit is almost entirely made up of random impulse buys that are sure to be staples. This jacket is a great dupe of the BlankNYC ones and is oh so comfy. Seriously, it’s so soft and perfect for layering when the weather is as temperamental as it is these days.

And these sneakers are my new loves. You all know how I love a good sneaker and the touch of gold on these make my heart and feet happy. Plus they are under $70 (I snagged them on sale… just stalk them and wait for a sale if you want to grab them for less).

In entirely unrelated news, I was nominated by Today’s Woman Magazine for one of their Most Admired Women in the media/social media category. There is some seriously stiff competition so I’d love it if you’d head over and vote for me! I’ll owe you big time.

Ellison Suede Moto Jacket from Dress & Dwell 
J.Crew Scoop Neck Tencel T-Shirt  | Madewell 10″ High Rise Skinny Jeans 
J.Crew Tassel Drop Hoop Earrings
Gola for J.Crew Mark Cox Tennis Sneakers
LOFT Tortoise Shell Sunglasses


Not going to lie, these jeans take some getting used to since they are really, really high. I usually end up liking them more if the shirt is cropped or tucked in. I would size down if you decided to try them out, since they are stretchy. I wish I had gotten one size small since by the end of the day, they have stretched out. Oh and if you shop in store at Madewell, take in a pair of old jeans and they’ll give you 20% off a new pair. Such a good deal since they don’t have sales all the time on denim.




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  1. Maria says:

    Hello, just wondering do those sneakers have leather on them? I really want to buy those exact ones with the gold stripe but I can’t tell if the gold detailing is leather or just a textile material? Just wondering since I don’t buy leather products. Thanks, Maria!

    • Danielle says:

      Hi! I don’t believe the gold portion is leather but instead is a synthetic material. Not exactly sure though!

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