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The Dainty Gold Jewelry Brand I Can’t Get Enough Of

Jun 20, 2019

You’re probably aware, since I’ve talked about it pretty incessantly the last couple weeks, that I’m trying to pare down my closet and focus more on quality over quantity especially when it comes to basics that get a lot of wear.

For probably the last year, I’ve been on the lookout for a simple gold necklace to wear everyday, that also layers well with other pieces. A couple years ago for Mother’s Day my mom got me a beautiful necklace with the kids initials that I absolutely loved and, of course, lost pretty quickly. Left it in a robe at a hotel when I was getting a massage. Lost in those industrial washers, never to be seen again.

I really wanted to splurge on a replacement but never pulled the trigger (thinking it will be my next milestone gift to myself). Since then I’ve searched for a chic replacement that doesn’t take such a hit on the bank account. My biggest thing though, was I didn’t want to buy something cheap that would tarnish or break quickly. I also wanted something I could personalize with something special since I’d be wearing it everyday.

You guys, I finally found it. I stumbled upon the brand AU-Rate from, you guessed it, an Instagram ad (They’re always listening. I’m sure my phone heard me compliment a friend’s necklace or something.) And you guys, this isn’t a sponsored post – I just love this piece so much, I felt compelled to do an entire post on the brand. 

AU-Rate Solid Circle Necklace | Splendid Pink V-Neck T-Shirt
Hudson White Denim | Orion Stone Bar Necklace

At its core, AU-Rate is basically another brand taking out the middleman to give consumers a more affordable way to purchase high-quality jewelry. All of the pieces are handmade in NYC and they follow rigorous ethical and environmental standards for every ounce of gold and carat of diamond, so you can feel good about all of the pieces.

But beyond that, the jewelry is all really simple, chic and beautiful. The quality is even nicer in person than they appear in images. I went with this Solid Circle Necklace  and personalized it by having my lucky numbers – aka the numbers of my families birthdays, – engraved on the inside.

Truly, I love it. I’ve worn it everyday since it came in the mail. It’s something I am excited to put on in the morning, even if it’s just with workout clothes. I’m considering buying these earrings to match in a kind of playful way (X’s and O) and am going to save this ring for next time someone in my family asks what I’d like for Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary (all of which are WAY too far away at this point).

I know some of the pieces are a bit of a splurge but since I’ve fallen in love with the brand, I feel like it was worth sharing. Also, worth noting that you can buy the earrings individually, so if you have a second or third hole in one ear or you like to mix and match, they are perfect.

They also have initial pendant necklaces which are a sweet gift for new moms. Again, this wasn’t sponsored (although I know it seems like it), I’m just genuinely really into this brand. I’ve picked out a few of my favorite earrings, necklaces and rings in case you want to treat yourself on this dreary day.



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