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Stocking Up for Spring at Shopbop

Feb 26, 2019

It’s that time of the year. No, not quite Derby posts (in all honesty, I’m not quite ready for that yet). It’s the Shopbop Buy More, Save More Sale. Take 15% off your purchase of $200+, 20% off your purchase of $500+ and 25% off your purchase of $800+. It includes full price AND sale merchandise. It’s one of the two times of the year where you can go big and stock up on good stuff for spring… even if sunny days feel like a lifetime away.

I just did a big time splurge order before our trip to Mexico last week so I’m a little bummed I missed out on some of this.  There were a couple things I was eyeing but didn’t pull the trigger on, so I’ll probably be tempted to go back for more. Especially with simple basics… this white tee I bought last week may be my favorite ever and I consider myself a white tee connoisseur. Thinking it might be worth grabbing a couple for when it inevitably gets stained with coffee or make-up or comes in contact with my kids.

My biggest pet-peeve though, with bloggers covering this sale, is that they feature a bunch of EXPENSIVE stuff. I get it, if you want to spend $500 on sneakers, do you. But I don’t have those kind of funds and I’m guessing the majority of you all don’t either (and if you do, proud of you – get those sneakers girl). So I’m sticking with options that are all under $200. The majority are under $100 but I feel like it’s okay to spend a little more on dresses, denim and accessories, so those are all under $200.

After pulling these all together, I realized this is essentially a spring capsule wardrobe so basically buying it all and wearing denim and white tops from here on out. Okay not really, but a girl can dream.

Let me know what you end up getting in the comments, or drop me a note on Instagram. Love to see what everyone finds.

The Perfect White Tee

Splendid Slub Crew Tee – $48 

This white tee is so good. Fits slightly oversized but not too big. Soft but not messy. Light but not see-through. I love it. That being said, if it’s not your bag – there are SO many good white tees for under $50. Like this one, and this one. 

The Little White Dress 

ASTR Ari Dress – $138 

Nothing says summer like a lightweight, breezy white dress. I feel like you can wear them just about everywhere, other than a wedding obviously. Dress it up or down, throw on sneakers or sandals, bold accessories or delicate pieces – it works with it all. This one looks damn near perfect (maybe a tiny too long) and thinking about adding it to the cart.


Oversized Sunglasses 
Le Specs Caliente Sunglasses – $89 

Love these and the price is in the sweet spot (even more so with the sale) – where they are expensive enough to be nice quality but not so expensive where you are treating them like precious babies. I’m kind of a sunglass junkie too – I always have a rotation of four or five pairs – so the more the merrier.

Simple, Delicate Necklaces

I’m on the hunt for a the right simple but not boring delicate gold necklace. I don’t want something cheap but I also have a tendency to lose nice things (it’s my crutch to bear) so I hate spending a bunch. Love how this coin necklace is simple, sweet but not plain jane. And at $68 I won’t have a full onb break down when I inevitably lose it in about a year.

Cloverpost 1971 Necklace – $68
Neutral, Flattering Suit 

I love a bright suit, clearly, but I’m really into the more neutral color palette I’ve seen on suits lately. That being said, a nude bathing suit isn’t really an option for most people not names Kardashian, so I like for there to be a subtle print or something to give it more interest. I love this print and the fun tie-detail on the bottoms.

Maaji Ipanema Sunset Bikini
$74 (top) + $70 (bottoms)
Denim, Always Denim

Jeans are a weakness. I have WAY too many but still can’t seem to find the perfect pair. The perfect wash in the perfect fit is like finding the Loch Ness Monster. Thinking these are worth a try, I mean the reviews are good and they’re under $100 so you can’t go wrong (no ‘add to cart’ guilt). Love these for summer when the distressed look is a little more easy to wear.

Levi 721 Skinny Jeans – $98
Fun but still Chic Flats

Um, I love these. The right combination of cute, fun, different, chic but not overdone. Oh and they’re flats so you can actually wear them. You could pair them with everything on this page and they would immediately elevate the look. Love love love them. Going to buy now.

Also, no lie, I just realized this post is basically the start of a capsule wardrobe and I like it.

Villa Rouge Essie Flat Mules – $125
The White Boho Blouse 

When a white tee won’t do (which is hardly ever) and you want to dress up a pair of simple denim, this top is the solution. Tuck it in with high-waisted jeans, let it flow out over denim shorts, wear it to work with black skinny pants. Lots of options and the price is too good to resist.

English Factory White Boho Blouse – $69
Jean Shorts FTW 

I just got these and LOVE them. LOVE them. Jean shorts can be the worst. I LOATHE when they’re so tight around the thigh that you feel like a stuffed sausage. But then I hate when you try to size up in the waist to accommodate and then look like you’re wearing a diaper. It’s no bueno.

That’s no issue with these. They fit right in all the places and the wash is perfect. I can’t recommend these enough and am so glad I splurged for a pair.

DL1961 Karlie Denim Shorts – $128 
Start that Spring Capsule Wardrobe 

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