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Tee Please: Graphic Tees for Every Personality

Feb 5, 2019

I don’t know if it’s the weather or laziness or a lack of inspiration, or a combination of all three, but lately I’ll I want to wear is jeans and a t-shirt. It’s nothing groundbreaking or truly inspiring but it’s a combo that can easily work a variety of situations.

Dark jeans + stripe tee + blazer + loafers = perfect work outfit

Black denim + graphic tee + slouchy moto jacket + boots = dinner date outfit

Black pants + crew neck white tee + cardigan = business casual ready

I could go on … It’s the combination that requires absolutely no thought but can work for so many occasions, which is obviously why I defer to it so often. The amount of black, white and stripe tees I have is criminal, although it is about time I stocked up again since they are getting a little worn down (and in the words of Marie Kondo, are not bringing me as much joy).

To mix it up a little, and in turn be mildly less predictable, I’ve added some graphic tees to the mix. I’m not cool enough to pull it off in that model-off-duty way but I do love that it adds a little more interest to a jeans + blazer combo. They’re also a good conversation starter… although sometimes I forget what the shirt says and look SO confused when someone references it. It’s like the feeling when you wave at someone who is waving to the person behind you.

This one was an old find but I love pulling it out when I’m getting in an all-black everything style rut for a little color. I will say though, most of my favorite graphic tees are ones with a simple, subtle embroidery (like this one). When picking one, I’d definitely recommend choosing something  that fits your personality. So if you’re more of a resting bitch face kind of girl (like me), I wouldn’t go for something super saccharine sweet. Same way I wouldn’t pick a band t-shirt if you’re not familiar with the music. I’ve seen this kind of awkward encounter in-person when someone references a song and the person wearing the shirt has no idea what they’re talking about. It’s not a good look.

Here’s a ton of options that fit every type of tee-loving person.

Just for Fun

Keep it Positive

    Rebecca Minkoff ‘I Love You’ Tee (on sale for $29!)
Dress & Dwell Flare Denim | Leopard Block Heels 
Faux Leather Waterfall Jacket
Slate Collection Leather Tote 
Quay Sunglasses 
With the Band


Word Play

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