What to Hair?

I have a very complicated relationship with my hair. VERY complicated.

One day I love it. One day I can’t stand it and want to totally change it. My poor hair stylist has to endure my neurosis every 6 – 8 weeks for the last five or six years. Sorry Whitney.

It’s basically a running joke with Drew and my closest friends, no matter what I do to my hair – I probably won’t love it. Or I’ll probably find something wrong with it.

Okay, that sounds a little over dramatic (what can I say, I am super over dramatic about my hair). I will say 9 out of 10 times, I am happy when I leave the salon. It’s just that my hair doesn’t tend to hold a color or style long enough for me.

Also, I am one of those people who go back and forth on whether to cut my hair. Everytime I think I want short hair, I cut it and realize I am NOT a short hair person. It’s just not for me. My face is too long so I feel like I look extra horse-y with short hair. All you need to do to confirm this is go back in my archives.

My hair needs to stay firmly below my shoulders  – mostly so I can put it in a ponytail – but right now it’s gotten too long. It’s in that ratty long place where the last two or three inches just look a little rotty. So today, I’m going in for a cut. More than a trim but certainly not enough to make a ponytail donation.

Normally I walk in without a ton of inspiration but today I’m going in prepared. So here’s a little of what I’m thinking. Probably a little darker, a little shorter and hopefully a little more style than my normal look. I realize that is going to involve actually fixing my hair in the morning, so wish me luck on that front.

Check back in on Instagram later and I’ll give you an update on what I go with!

The Main Inspo…
image via @salsalhair
For the Color…
image via stylecaster.com

For the length/style…
image via @sincerelyjules
image via @anhcotran

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