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How to Never Miss a Workout

May 29, 2019

This post has been sponsored by Clorox2®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’m sure this will come as no surprise but with work and my kids’ 8 million activities, it can be tough to make time for working out. I go through phases where my calendar clears out and it feels easier and then, just like that, my afternoons are booked up and finding an hour to myself can seem daunting.

The thing is, I love working out. So I was fully on board when Clorox2® Sport and Target asked me to share my tips for staying active while looking and smelling good. And don’t laugh about that last part. I’m sure you’ve been next to a smelly person in a workout class and it is no bueno. And FYI before we get into the tips, if you’ve struggled with that lingering activewear odor, you can pick up the new Clorox2 Sport Odor & Stain Remover now on

I’m not one of those people that has to drag themselves to the gym. Well, at least not regularly—obviously, there are days when I’d rather sit on the couch and eat cookies. But the majority of the time, heading to the gym is one of the highlights of my day. It’s a time when I disconnect from my phone/email/to-do list and just focus on myself. And even when the workout is a beast, I always leave feeling better. Either better for forcing myself to go or enjoying the endorphin high from a great class.

In the past month or so, I feel like I’ve figured out a way to make working out easier despite a hectic, ever-changing schedule (case in point, the activity that I thought we had tonight at 6 was just changed to 5:30 … why!?!). So, here are a few tips on how I’ve managed to make it work.

  • Get the right gear.

I’m all about looking the part. Having workout gear that you feel good in and are excited to wear makes going to the gym that much easier. I know when I put on something that doesn’t fit right or feels too tight or loose, I feel off for the entire workout.

A group workout class can be intimidating enough if you’re not super comfortable with your surroundings, so add that extra bit of subconscious anxiety and your whole workout can be thrown off.

But more importantly, having the right gear makes me more motivated to get to classes. When you’ve got on an outfit that makes you feel confident alongside the gear that makes you feel legit, you’re going to want to push yourself to make the workout. Whether you need that extra motivation to finish up a project, plough through your inbox, or run that last errand on your list, you’ll be pumped to change and head to class.

It may sound dumb, but I bought new shoes last week and I’ve worked out almost every day since because I’m so excited to lace them up. Lame but true.

  • Pick a gym or studio where you don’t have to sign up for classes in advance.

This has been CLUTCH for me. I used to be a member at a gym where you had to sign up in advance. I LOVED the classes, the instructors, and the studio, but it hit a point where I could never get into a class at a time that worked for me. It was either schedule the class six weeks in advance or pray to make it in off a monster waitlist.

And of course, whenever I would make it into a class, I’d inevitably have to cancel because a meeting or activity popped up. Even worse, I’d get charged for having to cancel—which I get but was still frustrating. It became really discouraged—not just from a scheduling standpoint but being upset that I could never make it to a class.

Recently, I switched to a gym where you can pop in to a class whenever you can. No need to sign up in advance. It has taken a ton of stress off of the entire experience. When I can make it to a 6:30 am class, I go. If I want to sleep in, I can still do the 8:30 am class. If that doesn’t work out because of meetings or work priorities, I can go at 4:30, 5:30 or 6:30 pm. Plus, they have free childcare. Basically eliminates all the excuses.

If you can’t find a gym or studio that allows you to drop in, you can always sign up for one of the online workout classes that give you all the motivation of an instructor without the worry of missing a class time.

  • Pack Your Bag the Night Before.

Mornings can be a nightmare for me. I usually end up hitting snooze one too many times which sets off a chain reaction of running around like a crazy person.

If I waited to pack my bag until the morning, I’d RARELY make it to a class. But when I either set out my stuff in the morning for an early AM class or pack my bag for a late morning or afternoon class, I’m ready to go.

I’ll unload my stuff from the night before, drop it in the laundry, and then reload my bag with my gym clothes—sometimes straight from the laundry basket (cause I wear those favorites on repeat). In the past couple weeks, I have tried out this new Clorox2 Sport Odor and Stain Remover and my gym clothes have never smelled better (so fresh and so clean).

If I work out at 8:30 am, my clothes usually end up sitting in my bag in my hot car all day. You can imagine that things don’t smell too great when I throw them in the wash. Same goes for the kids’ stuff that can end up sitting in their bags for longer than I’d like to admit. (I mean, I may be good about remembering to empty my own gym bag but the same cannot be said for cleaning out D3’s soccer backp

It’s not a substitute for your regular detergent but instead works in conjunction with it to get out all those lingering odors. It’s gentle enough to use on colors (no worries about color fading or bleach stains) but tough enough to get out all those stinky workout clothing smells along with dirt, grime, and the occasional grease marks that D3 leaves on his clothes from eating fast food on the way home from practice (Mom of the year over here).

And even if you end up waiting to wash all those grimy gym clothes—which I tend to do, ain’t nobody got time to do laundry multiple times a week—it’s still strong enough to get out stains and odors.

I picked it up on one of my many Target runs when I went in for detergent and garbage bags but left with closet organizers, throw pillows, kids’ pajamas and a bathing suit. Pick up a bottle of the Clorox2 Sport now and save 25% off on After hitting “add to cart,” you can spend an hour browsing for all the other goodies you’ve convinced yourself you need.

Like I said before, getting to the gym is no easy feat. If I make it three times a week, I give myself a solid pat on the back. Anything more deserves serious reward and anything else, I give myself a pass and promise to try harder next week.

If you have any questions on my favorite local classes (I love to try out all the different options), drop me a note on Instagram or comment below. Always down to share feedback and tips.


Photos by Tabitha Booth

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