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May, You’re Doing Too Much

May 28, 2019

I’m back. For real this time.

After Derby season, I needed some time to catch back up and get reinspired. And then May happened.

Why in the F is May so busy? The Crazy Zen Life podcast gals posted this video and it summed up May so well. It’s the hustle, bustle and gift-giving of the holidays without the extended break from emails and work stuff. We went straight from Derby to Mother’s Day to end of the year parties/field day/sports parties to BOTH my girls birthdays. I didn’t even know gymnastics recitals were a thing, but we went to one. The amount of family dinners put Christmas to shame.

That’s to say nothing of work and their other random sports/school commitments which have been sprinkled in there for good measure. Thank god my office literally sits above a gift shop (Praise be to Work the Metal) or there’s no way in hell I would have had enough teacher presents for all the wonderful people who keep my minions occupied and well-educated throughout the day.

This is not to sound like an ungrateful asshole because I’m thankful for all this good stuff but I wish it was sprinkled more evenly through the year instead of crammed into one 21-day time span. If I don’t see a cupcake, unicorn or bright pink gift bag for a year, it won’t be long enough.

Who’s with me?

The good news is that with the end of May madness comes the summer. Which is basically my season of committing only to events that take place poolside or with a glass of rose. Okay, not really but it’s not too far off.

It’s also when I normally get back into my blogging groove. This week I’m planning on sharing my quest for a semi-flattering swimsuit since I know it’s something that we’re all out here searching for as pool season kicks off. Just waiting for the flurry of orders I’ve placed in the last week to come in so I can properly evaluate them all. No lie, I’ve ordered about 10. It’s my own personal holy grail.

Send prayers and Amazon recommendations.

In the meantime, I’m doing a juice cleanse giveaway on Instagram, so head over here to enter. 

Ann Taylor Camp Shirt
Dress and Dwell Jeans | Leopard Belt
Madewell Leopard Flats (these are so old, here’s their new ones)
Target Tote Bag (old, seen before heresimilar here)

In other news, this is the outfit I am wearing about 99.9% of the time these days since it’s simple, casual and takes three minutes to throw on without looking like a total wreck. These leopard flats have been a mainstay in my closet (you may remember them from this post – they were also a random Pinterest hit) for years and may be the best Madewell sale find I’ve ever had. I went on a hunt for some similar options and linked them below.

Madewell currently has this pair and the reviews seem awesome so I’d jump on board since these have stood the test of time and lots of wears. Can’t recommend them enough especially for how much easier they make a plain outfit a little more interesting. And this blouse is one of the best basics ever. Goes with everything, incredibly flattering, almost always on sale.

Leopard Loafers

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  1. Ashleigh says:

    Oh, I KNOW! I used to love May (because of my b-day), but the last couple years it’s been my busiest month! Thinking about telling everyone I’m busy next May now lol. I really love this outfit, the pops of print are so pretty!

    xx Ashleigh

  2. […] of Madewell calf hair leopard loafers that I’ve worn consistently for three or four years (chances are you’ve seen them before). These may be their heir apparent. Especially at $54. Love that they are slides. Such a great office […]

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