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In with the New and Old

Dec 20, 2017

Thanks for all the love and comments on yesterday’s post. Glad to hear I’m not the only one that’s a little over everyone telling them (or showing them) how they should holiday. We should all be celebrating however we damn well please. And whether you’re like the Grinch (I obviously lean this way), the Whos down in Whoville or somewhere in between, that’s your prerogative. You do you.

So on to today’s post which is decidedly less sarcastic but does involve one of my OG favorite things, flared jeans and my latest obsession, cozy sweaters. New obsession for me, old hat for the rest of the population. Hey, I grew up in Florida, we didn’t wear a ton of sweaters in Miami.

Back to the flares though. Are they back? Hell if I know. I feel like maybe they are but I also feel like maybe they aren’t. Either way, I’m wearing them mostly because I feel like they bring me one step closer to my spirit animal, Stevie Nicks. I pull on a pair and Gypsy immediately starts playing in my head. Clearly this outfit lacks some of Stevie’s signature witchy attitude but you do what you can with what you have.

Rather than go full-Stevie with this outfit, I went for this super warm, slightly cropped sweater from Tobi. I told you all about my recent obsession with sweaters and this one fits nicely with this new compulsion to buy every one in sight. I’m usually one to avoid a crop at all costs since my torso is super long but with a high-waist and the flares to balance it out, this one fits perfectly.  If you have a normally proportioned toros, you don’t need to go to the extreme lengths I did to balance it out. And for that, I am jealous.

My Favorite Flares

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