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Inspiration: 20 Forecastle Festival Outfits to Try This Weekend

Jul 15, 2015

The rain is {finally!} gone and it’s time to start getting ready for Forecastle Festival. It’s looking to be a good one with clear skies and a lineup that includes Sam Smith, Modest Mouse and Louisville’s own My Morning Jacket. I’m still not sure if I’ll be heading out there this year but I love me some festival style so why not help those of you heading to the Waterfront get ready for the weekend.

Now when it comes to festival style, I’m not advocating that you grab one of everything from Forever 21 and Free People to look like a festi-girl caricature. So let’s not layer crop tops, flower crowns, cut-offs, fringe, graphic tank-tops, flash tattoos, kimonos, gladiator sandals, more fringe and braids. Maybe just pick a couple of your favorites (choose your own adventure –  festival style). For the rest of your look, here’s some tips to keep in mind.

* Remember the three C’s: casual, cool (and by cool, I mean temperature wise) and most importantly comfortable.

* No Heels Allowed. This seems obvious but you’d be surprised. You’re gonna be on your feet all day so leave the heels at home. Also, it will most likely still be muddy down at the Waterfront, so you may want to drag out an old pair of sneakers (or just grab a pair of knock-off keds or slip-ons at Target) or flat booties instead of flip-flops. The mom in me must also point out that there will probably be broken glass and no one wants to deal with a first-aid pit stop.

* Bring a water bottle. I always try to remember this and always forget. It’s supposed to be crazy hot on Saturday and Sunday, so you’ll need to stay hydrated if you want to make it to the last show. There is a massive water station where you can refill for days but it’s a giant pain if you’re having to use tiny cups. Bring a water bottle and you’ll be set for the day.

* Pack it Up. Buddy up with a friend and bring a backpack instead of an annoying purse. Throw your watter bottles in there (they won’t fit in a little cross-body), along with other essentials like sunscreen, deodorant (just me? that’s cool. no but really, there’s nothing worse than being by a smelly person) and a fold-up blanket for the less-crowded acts (you gotta sit at some point). My sweaty ass would probably bring an extra shirt too (TMI? Sorry). Throw enough crap in there and you can probably sneak in some booze or beers.

* Don’t forget to eat the fair food. First off, fair food is delicious. Second, you’re gonna need some food if you’re planning for a full day of partying. So just get the bratwurst.

* Reconsider the Romper. Okay okay okay, I know rompers are great and most of the time hit all three of the C’s. BUT you MUST consider whether you can use a port-a-potty while wearing one. Worst case scenario – you’re trying to get back into the romper when someone accidentally opens the door to said port-a-potty. Now I know there are some rompers that allow for easy changing or using the bathroom but I would just suggest that you think things through before committing to a romper.

Now on to the inspiration:

What to Wear to Forecastle Festival * Forecastle Style


What to Wear to Forecastle Festival * Forecastle Festival Style

Poppy Delvigne | Image: Grazia.Daily.Co.UK

What to Wear to Forecastle Festival


What to wear to Forecastle Festival * Festival Style Inspiration


What to Wear to Forecastle Festival


What to Wear to Forecastle Festival * Festival Style


Forescastle Festival Outfit Inspiration * What to wear to Forescastle

Cressida Bonas |  Image: Who What Wear 

Forecastle Festival Style Inspiration * Festival Outfit Inspiration


What to Wear to Forecastle Festival * FEstival Style Inspiration


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