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Inspiration: All Black Outfits

Sep 11, 2015

Lately I’ve been saying this every week but this week got away from me. In all honesty, I am totally overextended, a little overwhelmed and somewhat uninspired. Doesn’t make for the best combination. How’s that for some positivity on a Friday? I know, it’s bleak. I hate to be a debbie downer but I kinda hate when people act like they’ve got the perfect life. Hell, no one is perfect and I certainly don’t have it all together (I just try to pretend every once in a while). My car looks like I’ve been living in it, my laundry mountain should have a formal name and my work to-do list gets longer by the minute.

Next week, we’re taking off a few days and heading to South Carolina for a beach wedding. I’m hoping that a long weekend away helps me hit the reset button. I’m afraid I’ll just come back more overwhelmed than when I left but that’s just the anxious person in me rearing its ugly head.

Since things have been so busy, I’ve been trying to cut down in my getting ready routine by sticking to an all-black uniform – with a dash of denim thrown in for good measure. I don’t want to get in to a rut though so I’m pulling together some inspiration to keep the all black look fresh for fall. I’m so dedicated to the uniform that I’ve got a Pinterest board dedicated to it, so if you’re like me follow along for a consistent feed of inspiration.

p.s. – on a more fun note, every year my favorite part of New York Fashion Week is combing through the street style pictures and pulling my favorites. There’s always so much inspiration to be found in what the fashion elite throw together. It’s always one of my favorite posts of the year to put together so watch for it on Monday. Check out last year’s here. 

All Black Outfit Inspiration (11)All Black Outfit Inspiration (2)All Black Outfit Inspiration (4)All Black Outfit Inspiration (8)All Black Outfit Inspiration (9)
All Black Outfit Inspiration (10)
All Black Outfit Inspiration (13)All Black Outfit Inspiration (17)All Black Outfit Inspiration (18)

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