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Style Spotting: NYFW Fall 2014

Feb 11, 2014

If you follow just about anyone fashion related on instagram or twitter, you’re probably on NYFW overload. I love {virtually} tagging along with some of my favorite bloggers and magazine editors as they tackle the stylish madness. And yes, I can’t help but feel a pang of jealousy at their adventures but life calls so I’m happy to watch from the sidelines.

Once I’ve had my fill of beautifully filtered, little square images, I head over to The Cut and scope out my favorite street style snaps. Yes, the shows are full of amazing pieces but it’s the way the gals rock it in real life that has me inspired for weeks, if not months, to come.

There’s still a few days left but here’s a few of my favorites so far.

Taylor Tomasi Hill (Photo: YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO)

Duang Poshyanonda (Photo: YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO)

Shiona Turini (Photo: YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO)

David Thielebeule (Photo: YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO)

Giovanna Battaglia (Photo: YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO)

Helena Bordon (Photo: YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO)

Leila Yavari (Photo: YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO)

Zhanna Romahka (Photo: YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO)

Alexis Morgan (Photo: YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO)

Nausheen Shah (Photo: YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO)

Hanneli Mustaparta (Photo: YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO)

Nicole Warne (Photo: YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO)

Sarah Rutson (Photo: YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO)

Unknown (Photo: YoungJun Koo/I’M KOO)

All Images via The Cut.

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