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Inspiration: California Dreaming

Apr 1, 2013

Welcome back to the work week. I hope you all had a fun Easter weekend! We went up to Indianapolis for the Louisville games and had a great time (even got to meet a reader – great seeing you LeeAnn!) with friends & family. I was out of sorts the entire weekend though because we had planned on coming back in between but got stuck in the most massive traffic jam of my life. Needless to say, after a lot of car time I am happy to back home… if just for a couple days.

On Wednesday, I’m heading out to LA for the Lucky Fashion & Beauty Bloggers Conference. I’m super excited but also a little nervous in that first day of school way. What to wear? Will I know anyone (Thankfully it’s my second trip to the conference so I’m looking forward to meeting up with some blogging buds)? And again, what to wear?

This will be my first trip to California and I cannot wait. Since it will be my first time out there, I’ve been spending extra time eying some of my favorite west coast bloggers. Here’s a little look at what’s inspiring my {over} packing…

Lots of simple silhouettes with a touch of something special – whether it be amazing booties, a pop of color, an unexpected jacket or a interesting print.

Image: Gal Meets Glam

Image: Walk in Wonderland


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  1. LeeAnn says:

    Good to meet you, hope I didn’t alarm you with my creepy introduction. 😉 Go Cards!!

    • Danielle says:

      I know! It was great meeting you. And it definitely wasn’t creepy! Probably creepier that I knew you too! Going to Atlanta?

  2. AJ says:

    Have fun in LA! I lived out there for a year and it was a great experience.


  3. Yes! Can’t wait, will you be back from Cal in time to make it!?

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