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Style Spotting: Kentucky Derby 144

May 8, 2018

And just like that Kentucky Derby 144 is in the books. Can’t believe it’s over… okay actually,  to be totally honest, I’m a tiny bit thankful that it’s over. No one loves it more than me but Derby and all that comes along with it really wore me out this year. I feel like I could sleep for a week and I wasn’t even out at as many events and days at the track as some people were. It’s definitely a marathon but it’s the best, and certainly my favorite, kind.

Unlike last year, Oaks day was a beauty and Derby had rain for the record books. I will say though, that a little (okay so actually a record amount) of rain couldn’t dampen our day. Our group of friends still had the best time and, thankfully, our seats were undercover. So we didn’t have to brave the rain too often. I could be found most of the day weaving through the crowds inside, mumbling about random bets to myself. No really, that’s most of what I did.

But enough of all that, it’s on to the outfits. Just like last year (and the year before than and the year before that) you all made Derby weekend look good.

I’m not just saying it when I gush about loving everyone’s different takes on Derby. In between those long walks to place bets, I was randomly going up to strangers telling them how pretty they looked. I’ve been trying to say a compliment when I think it and I was on a roll Saturday.

As you can see from all the looks below, people here nailed it. This post is always my favorite because you get a chance to see how locals do a day at the track. And the best part, not a straw floppy hat in sight. Sorry I have a pet peeve for every time I see someone do a “What to Wear to Derby” post with a straw hat.

This isn’t the VERY last Derby post of the year since I’ll be sharing a little more of my weekend tomorrow along with my outfit. But today it’s all about these fashionable guys and gals. Also, if you’d like to add your picture to the mix, just email it to me – – and I’ll add you in!

Until next year… Happy Derby!


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  1. Amanda J. says:

    I just LOVE looking at Derby pics–and could people watch all day at the track!!!! Great Derby coverage this year. 🙂

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