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Kentucky Derby Style: Topped in Red

Apr 2, 2018

Did everyone have a great Easter?

We realized that it’s practically impossible to take a family photo but otherwise ours was great and crammed full of candy. I gave up candy for Lent and after yesterday’s haul, I think I need to give it up again for another 40 days or at least until Derby. Since we’re only 32 days away from Derby, we’re kicking it up a notch this week. Think lots of Dress of the Day options and lots of styled up looks … starting with this one which may be one of my favorite hats/fascinators in a long time.

I’m not usually crazy about red but this Headcandi one is incredible and oh so fun. You just have to be prepared to bump into people with your feather the whole day. #SorryNotSorry

White Jumpsuit from Dress & Dwell – More Options Below,
Super Similar Here 

Headcandi Fascinator 
Jeffrey Campbell Rodillo Wedges 
J.McLaughlin Romina Wicker Crossbody Bag 

Okay, so I know jumpsuits are tough for the track. So I must go on the record saying that I only recommend sporting one if you’re in an area of the track with a nice bathroom and a friend to lend a helping hand with the whole zipper situation. So if you’re going to be inside, you’re probably golden but I wouldn’t dare wear this if you’re going to be using an outdoor bathroom. Not only will it get ruined the minute the leg hits the floor but you’ll also incite a bathroom riot during the time you’re locked in the stall trying to get re-dressed.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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